Strategic Plan

Academic and Extracurricular Programs

Strategic Goal 1

AOSR will develop a standards-based curriculum designed to meet the needs of students for the 21st Century.
Rationale: 21st Century skills represent a significant shift in emphasis for teaching and learning. To be successful citizens we must prepare students to meet unknown challenges and extraordinary advances. This can be achieved through developing students as creative and effective problem solvers who are able to use a variety of tools, work collaboratively, and communicate well orally and in writing.

Strategic Goal 2

AOSR will recruit and retain the highest caliber teaching staff.
Rationale: Teaching and learning is the centerpiece of any school. Research has shown that student outcomes are dependent on the quality of the teachers. To ensure that every AOSR student has the opportunity to reach his/her fullest potential, the school must recruit and retain the best teachers.

Strategic Goal 3

AOSR will offer outstanding college preparatory programs including Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate programs.
Rationale: As the vast majority of AOSR graduates will go on to college and university programs, the school must provide the highest caliber of preparation in particular in its high school program of studies.

Strategic Goal 4

AOSR will incorporate technology to facilitate and enhance teaching and learning.
Rationale: Technology is a powerful tool for accelerating teaching and learning, not an end in itself. Students and teachers in the 21st Century will need to use technology to: extend the campus, connect globally, access data and information, and to communicate.

Strategic Goal 5

The educational program at AOSR will reflect a balance of academics, the arts and athletics.
Rationale: Our goal is to educate the whole child. This means not only providing instruction in the basic content areas, but the arts to develop aesthetic appreciation and talents and athletics to foster health, physical well being, teamwork and leadership skills.

School Structure, Management, and Board of Trustees

Strategic Goal 6

AOSR will be managed by a clearly defined management structure that supports a multi-divisional American international independent school.
Rationale: The present administrative structure of AOSR is that of a smaller and less complex school. Academic excellence and sound financial management are enhanced when talented professionals on the faculty are supported by a sufficient administrative leadership team.

Strategic Goal 7

The AOSR Board of Trustees will adhere to accepted good practices in independent school governance, and work in concert with the head of school to ensure the school's fiscal integrity and sustainability.
Rationale: Independent school board members hold the school in trust for future generations, and should conduct themselves collectively and separately according to the highest standards of good governance.


Strategic Goal 8

AOSR will model best practices in American international independent school financial management.
Rationale: As a non-profit institution, AOSR must manage its resources wisely and prudently to sustain operations.

Strategic Goal 9

AOSR will seek new non-tuition revenue streams.
Rationale: Tuition alone is insufficient to meet the school's current and future financial needs.


Strategic Goal 10

The AOSR campus will be commensurate with the best American international schools.
Rationale: The school's aging physical plant provides insufficient classroom, athletic, performance, administrative, parking, and ancillary space to support its enrollment.

Strategic Goal 11

AOSR will remediate deferred maintenance and will ensure future maintenance needs are funded and resolved.
Rationale: Deferred maintenance has persisted at AOSR, contrary to good practices and the cumulating weight of maintenance needs are a serious drain on school resources.

Enrollment, Marketing and Communications

Strategic Goal 12

AOSR commits to sustainable, full enrollment reflecting the diversity of the international community in Rome.
Rationale: The school needs full enrollment to sustain and perpetuate its full range of programs and operations.

Strategic Goal 13

AOSR commits to maintaining close, mutually supportive relationships with students and parents.
Rationale: Creating a community requires an atmosphere in which communication occurs regularly, where there is mutual respect, shared values and standards, and collaboration among the participants.

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