Tech @ AOSR

At AOSR we believe that technology is a powerful tool for learning and can help us meet our mission.

Our Professional Staff will:

  • Develop creative, engaging, collaborative, and effective ways to use technology to support and enhance learning across grades and subjects
  • Create programs and systems that teach and promote effective communication and responsibility throughout our community
  • Provide opportunities for learning, creating, and exploring with technology
  • Continuously reflect upon and improve how we use technology

All Students, Faculty, and Staff will:

  • Communicate Skillfully with a variety of technology tools
  • Collaborate Purposefully in face-to-face and virtual communities
  • Think Critically by selecting the best technology for various tasks and by understanding and reflecting on how technology impacts ourselves and our world
  • Cultivate Creativity by designing, building and creating solutions to problems
  • Live as Ethical Citizens by demonstrating honesty, integrity and empathy in their work
  • Be Globally Minded by using technology tools to understand and improve the world
  • Succeed Academically by using technology to research, communicate and create
  • Demonstrate Resilience and Balance by persisting and at the same time developing the self discipline to limit screen time

Overview of Programs

Elementary Program

The Elementary Technology curriculum is based off of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) standards for students.

Classes are held once a week for a 40 minute session with the Technology Teacher. An additional time during the week is provided in collaboration with the classroom teacher. Students will develop technology skills and knowledge through interactive, online activities and curriculums. Students will also create and publish curricula-based multi-media projects both independently and collaboratively as they work toward mastery of the AERO standards.

Elementary Technology Teacher:

Ms. Lauren Waite -

Middle School Program

Students learn about technology within their regular classroom subjects. This includes G-Suite Applications, 3D Sketchup, an introduction to Programming and training on Internet Safety and Security. Students have access to laptops in carts stored in or near their classes. There is also a computer lab available for Middle School students and classes.

Each eighth grader gets a laptop as part of our 1:1 Program. They carry this device to and from school and are responsible to see the device is charged and in good working order. Our technology department supports these devices and they are covered by for accidental damage or theft. Students receive training in the responsible and effective use of these devices. This program is mandatory for all 8th graders and families must sign the contract below.

Technology Coordinator:

Rick Park -

High School Program

All 9th Grade students take a Computer Literacy class. In this course, students review and reflect upon responsible and effective use of technology for their academic careers. They are also introduced to some Computer Science concepts. Beyond this required course, students are offered a variety of technology related electives that allow they to delve deeply into Computer Science, Design and Video.

Computer Science Teacher:
Lars Rahm -

Technology Coordinator:
Rick Park -

BYOD in High School

All students in grades 9-12 are required to bring a Macintosh or Windows Computer. This device should be brought to school every day fully charged and in good working order. Minimum specifications for these devices are:




256 G or more hard drive storage

SSD Highly Recommended

512 G Recommended

4 G Ram

8 G Recommended

Wireless capable

Full size keyboard

US or English Keyboard recommended

11” screen

13” Recommended

Battery life of at least 7 hours

Battery life 9 hours or more

Able to run 10.10

Able to run 10.12 or higher




256 G or more hard drive storage

SSD Highly Recommended

4 G Ram

8 or more recommended

Wireless capable

11” or bigger screen

13” Recommended

Full size keyboard

US or English Keyboard recommended

Battery life of at least 7 hours

Battery life 9 hours or more

Able to run Windows 10 Home or higher

Families are responsible to keep these devices in good repair. If a repair is needed, our technology department can offer advice, but will not repair the device. We can offer a limited number of loaner laptops for students machines that are our repair. These loaners are limited to a two week check out period. Parents and students must submit a signed request form to get these loaners.

Internet Safety

For Parents

Internet and electronic communication are a part of many children’s lives. Internet resources allow for easy sharing of text, video, images and sound. While these resources offer huge opportunities to learn and share with others, they also come with a risk. The best ways to minimize these risks are to educate yourself about the tools and resources that your child is using and to talk with your children about what they are doing online.

At AOSR, we educate children to:

Not share sensitive personal information on the Internet

Seek out an adult immediately if you receive or see things that make them feel uncomfortable or unsafe

Act in kind and responsible ways (this includes education on Cyberbullying)

For parents, we recommend talking to your children about what they are doing online, and educating yourself about the online resources that they use.

Internet Resources

Here are a few resources that you may find useful.

Student online safety: Meant for young people, but great for parent and teachers too.

10 Things You Can Teach Kids About Online Safety.

In addition, our Elementary computer teacher recommends these resources for Elementary aged children

For kids to learn how to be safe online.

Advice and links for parents and kids.

Another great site with video recommended by a parent.

A super article on SnapChat- what all parents should know!


Acceptable Use Policy

Technology Acceptable Use Policy

AOSR uses technology of all kinds to support the school mission. This policy is intended to ensure we are all safe, responsible, and ethical digital citizens.

1:1 Computer Contract

All students in the the 1 to 1 program will sign this contract.

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