AOSR Corporation

This year's Corporation Assembly was held on Thursday, November 15, 2018 at 19:30.

The American Overseas School of Rome is owned and operated by the parents of the students who attend the school. All parents are eligible to join the AOSR Corporation.

In addition, up to ten percent of the total membership may be made up of teachers, staff members, alumni and other interested parties (supporting members) who are not parents of students currently enrolled.

The Board of Trustees is elected by the AOSR Corporation. The Board of Trustees is responsible for appointing the Head of School, strategic planning, and approving the annual budget. The Head of School is the Executive Officer for the Board and responsible for implementing Board policies.

At the Annual Assembly, reports are made by the Chair of the Board, Head of School and the Treasurer. The Treasurer presents and explains the financial statement and new members are elected. More details can be found in the Parent Portal, including audited accounts and previous assembly minutes. There is more information on the work of the Board, its committees and becoming a Board member.

Every parent or guardian of a student of AOSR is eligible to become a regular member of the Corporation. This entitles you to attend the Annual Corporation Assembly and vote for new Board members.

New members (AOSR parents) may join the AOSR Corporation following the procedure below:

  • Complete the application form or contact the Head of School’s office by calling 06.33438.331 or emailing (Ms. Domenica Losani).
  • Enclose the membership fee of €10,00 (one-time fee) per person
  • Return the envelope to the Head’s office.

Your regular membership will terminate automatically when your child is no longer officially enrolled as a student at AOSR.

The AOSR Corporation holds its annual meeting typically in November. This year's Corporation Assembly was held on Thursday, November 15, 2018 at 19:30.

If you cannot attend the meeting, we ask that you elect to participate by proxy by filling in the form below:

Article 16 of the AOSR Bylaws provides that no member in attendance may hold more than three proxies. Please check with your intended proxyholder before assigning the proxy. Please note that the Board of Trustees has resolved that only those proxies which are delivered to the AOSR office by 17:00 on the day of the Assembly and which clearly identify the individual nominated to hold the proxy will be accepted. Proxies received after the 17:00 deadline, blank proxies, or proxies assigned to a Corporation Member already holding three proxies will be void.