Living in Rome

Living in the Eternal City is an unforgettable experience and one that will open many doors to new knowledge, new tastes, new perspectives, and new experiences. In Rome, you will find an overwhelming amount of things to do and see, trattorias to visit, gelato to taste, and spectacles to behold, from soccer, to opera, to ancient ruins brought to life. The streets of Rome are a living museum, with rich histories and monumental art around every corner for all to see and appreciate. AOSR students are in a unique position to understand human history, the evolution of art and architecture, and the pillars of modern civilization and government, as few are others are.

The American Overseas School of Rome is situated on Via Cassia, a quiet residential area of the city with sprawling views of the rolling hills that surround the city center. The campus is enclosed, making it a world of its own, with a lush courtyard and abundant outdoor seating.

Our location is ideal for getting quickly into the bustle and activity of the center as well as having quick access out of the city. AOSR families have the advantage of choosing to live close to campus, or in the city center, as we have an extensive network of buses that bring students safely and promptly from nearly every neighborhood of the city to our campus before school and back home at two different scheduled times after school.