Mission and Beliefs


AOSR offers the best of an American-International education in a supportive learning environment. We inspire a diverse student body to courageously meet the demands of a changing world through an engaging and creative curriculum.

AOSR Belief Statements


We believe that the dignity and worth of each person in our community must be honored. Guided by honesty and integrity, we build respect, acceptance and appreciation of ourselves and others.


We believe that working together stimulates learning; nurtures interpersonal relationships; develops effective communication skills; fosters independent thinking and self-awareness; builds community; and results in better outcomes, ideas, and solutions.


We believe that responsibility contributes to self-direction and the opportunities that education provides; it guides students to an understanding of their role in our community and to the compassionate service needed to be productive world citizens.


We believe that the relationships formed through the positive and productive interactions among AOSR’s parents, students, and staff are an invaluable asset in educating our students.


We believe that inquiry, risk-taking, and reflection are at the heart of a rich learning environment; we adapt to the individual needs of our students and nurture their personal and academic growth.


We believe that trust is promoted through the honest and free exchange of ideas and opinions and is strengthened through communication, compromise and understanding.