Profile of a Graduate

Succeed Academically

Education provides us with an unparalleled opportunity to envision and put into action both who we desire to be and how we will contribute to our communities. A solid academic foundation is critical to self and society. Academic skills and knowledge empower us to observe, reflect, question, and understand the world around us, and to find joy in the process.

I succeed academically when:

  1. I know the foundational concepts of my disciplinary subjects of study.
  2. I can transfer my knowledge and skills and make meaningful contributions to the real world.
  3. I set high expectations for myself and work hard to continuously develop my potential.
  4. I use my academic skills across all disciplines to make connections and derive meaning from my learning.
  5. I am curious and have a passion for learning.

Communicate Skillfully

Effective communication skills ensure that we are able to actively listen to and reflect upon ideas of others while sharing our own ideas and beliefs. We display flexibility and skill in our choice of media and tailor it to the intended audience.

I communicate skillfully when:

  1. I listen for understanding.
  2. I articulate information for different purposes (inform, instruct, motivate, persuade, etc.).
  3. I convey my ideas effectively and adapt to different audiences when using oral, written, and nonverbal communication.
  4. I use technology appropriately.

Collaborate Purposefully

Collaboration with people of different skills, backgrounds, perspectives, and ages is essential. Purposeful collaboration enables us to accomplish shared goals while developing an understanding of effective group dynamics. Together, we make better decisions, accomplish more, and develop fulfilling relationships.

I collaborate purposefully when:

  1. I listen and respond with an open mind to different ideas.
  2. I value the role and contributions of each group member and build on the team’s work to achieve a common goal.
  3. I know when to advocate for my ideas and when to integrate the opinions and views of others in my responses.

Think Critically

Critical thinking allows us to filter and prioritize an unprecedented volume of information to solve problems, make well-informed decisions, and develop enduring understanding to better ourselves and our community.

I think critically when:

  1. I identify key issues and gather essential information.
  2. I evaluate strategies and consider multiple solutions.
  3. I use various types of reasoning and logic to analyze and synthesize information and make connections.
  4. I reflect on the learning experience, question and apply what I have learned to extend my thinking.

Cultivate Creativity

Creativity is essential to flexibility, innovation, and expression in every part of our lives. By cultivating creativity, we are better able to develop multi-faceted, meaningful responses and solutions that enrich individual and group well-being.

I cultivate creativity when:

  1. I generate new ideas through a wide range of techniques such as brainstorming, considering multiple perspectives and possibilities.
  2. I refine and evaluate my own ideas in order to improve them.
  3. I act on creative ideas to make a tangible and useful contribution.

Live as Ethical Citizens

Ethical citizens positively impact their community by modeling respect, trust and integrity, which are the behaviors that contribute to creating a healthy community.

I live as an ethical citizen when:

  1. I reflect upon the choices that I make understanding their impact on others in my community.
  2. I model our school Beliefs/Values and replicate those as a global compassionate citizen.

Be Globally Minded

By understanding and embracing differences, we become increasingly globally minded thus we are better equipped to understand the world around us. We can navigate challenges and be positive change agents for the communities in which we reside.

I am globally minded when:

  1. I seek to understand the point of view of others even when it may not be one that I share.
  2. I reflect upon different cultures to strengthen my understanding of self and how I connect to the global community.
  3. I am responsible for interpreting the complexity of our world and how it influences my relationships and actions.

Demonstrate Resilience and Balance

The ability to confront adversity and determine our proper course of action provides endless opportunities for growth. It is essential to prioritize commitments as well as monitor the time and energy needed to achieve our goals.

I demonstrate resilience and balance when:

  1. I identify and persevere towards reaching my goals.
  2. I see setbacks as an opportunity to grow.
  3. I balance my physical, emotional and academic needs to lead a fulfilling life.