Strategic Plan

AOSR offers the best of an American-International Education in a supportive learning environment. We inspire a diverse student body to courageously meet the demands of a changing world through an engaging and creative curriculum.

Strategic Plan

Strategic Goal 1: Offer an outstanding educational program

Central to the success of this goal is the commitment to an outstanding educational program that teaches our students to: think critically, communicate skillfully, collaborate purposefully, cultivate creativity, be globally minded, live as ethical citizens, demonstrate resilience and balance, and succeed academically.

Strategic Goal 2: Continue to attract and retain outstanding faculty and staff members

Learning is the centerpiece of any school. Highly effective teachers have an enormously positive impact on student learning. To ensure that every AOSR student has the opportunity to reach his/her fullest potential, the school must recruit and retain the most highly effective teachers.

Strategic Goal 3: Continue to be committed to a sustainable enrollment reflecting the diversity of the international community in Rome

The financial sustainability of the school is dependant on healthy enrollment. We believe that our commitment to a carefully managed approach to diversity sets us apart from other schools in Rome.

Strategic Goal 4: Infrastructure – Ensure there is sufficient space to meet future needs

Space should support pedagogy and not dictate it. Our facilities must support our evolving academic and extra-curricular program goals and approaches. We must continue to strive to provide facilities for flexible instruction and enrollment, physical education, the arts, and athletics.

Strategic Goal 5: Ensure the financial sustainability of the school

We are committed to exploring and implementing additional streams of revenue in order to ensure the financial sustainability of our school.

Strategic Goal 6: Board of Trustees will adhere to accepted best practices in independent school governance

The Board of Trustees is committed to regular professional development and the modeling of accepted best practices in independent school governance.