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Strategic Plan

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AOSR offers the best of an American-International education. We inspire our diverse student body to courageously meet the demands of a changing world.

Strategic Pillars for Excellence

AOSR's Internship Program

AOSR's Strategic plan is composed of three pillars for excellence:

  • Personalized Learning
  • Active Learning
  • Future Ready Learning

The second pillar talks about Active learning and one of our goals here is to "develop partnerships with parents, businesses and NGOs to create learning experiences that extend beyond our campus."

Gustav successfully combined the winter break and a school week, which gave him 2 weeks of work experience. This was long enough for him to get a good idea of worklife, collaboration with colleagues and the core values of IKEA. We hope that Gustav's experience will inspire more of our students to take on an internship during the academic year.

We strongly believe that internships will give:

  • Extra curricular engagement
  • Change-maker of tomorrow
  • Help build a network

What did Gustav's mom have to say?

'In Sweden, where we are from, all students complete a 2-week internship in grade 9 and 1 week in 11th grade. It is mandatory. The students (and their parents) are responsible for finding a workplace for the internship. My husband, his older brother and I, and all his friends have done internships while in high school. So for Gustav, this was a natural thing to do. And he was excited about it. (As a mom, I would say that he has grown in confidence). In Sweden, these internships often lead to summer jobs for students.

Collaboration between AOSR and IKEA?

Yes, we have a written contract between the school and IKEA, which stipulates responsibilities and expectations for the internship. IKEA as a Swedish company are used to internships and have a routine for how this is being done. Gustav was given a letter of recommendation/certificate of his internship, which will fit well in his CV.

Gustav, our grade 11 student, is a pioneer of our ambitions internship program, since this is the first of its kind during a semester. He filmed, edited and scripted this entire video.