As an international school teacher, having taught in many different environments, I can say confidently that AOSR is the closest-knit school community I have been a part of. The campus radiates warmth and familiarity, and everyone, across departments, grade levels, job titles, including students and parents, makes a concerted effort to get to know one another. It is a place where learning about each other's perspectives, backgrounds, and cultures is just as important as acquiring knowledge and skills in the classroom. AOSR and Rome are unforgettable places and have added deeply to the patchwork of my life.

–Daniella Gates, Secondary School English Teacher

Working at AOSR was a life changing experience. It was a wonderful job in a magical city. I made so many friends and met the most incredible students and colleagues. I know my path will always lead me back to AOSR. It is like the coins that I tossed in the Fontana di Trevi securing a bond that will never be broken.

–Brian Sheehan, Former Secondary School English Teacher

My son LOVES AOSR! I asked him his favorite thing about AOSR and he said Soccer! Soccer is his passion, and I understand there is great camaraderie on the AOSR playground. Salvo is so excited every morning to go to school, especially if he has PE or Tech. The school has been very welcoming. As we live in central Rome, I do not get to the school often; when I do visit, the energy is beautiful, kind, positive, and stimulating from both students and faculty. My son loves his private Italian school lessons with Raffaella, which is a wonderful offering for families wishing for additional language development outside of the academic curriculum. And the bus, an additional opportunity for free play with students and faculty, or time to oneself. Our experience has been 5 stars! We may return for another year. -Heather Battaglia, AOSR parent

At AOSR there is no judgement. No matter your religion, your skin color or the language you speak, there is never any judgement against you. If you sit down somewhere, someone will spot you within 1 minute and sit down next to you to talk to you immediately.

It’s really weird when you first get here because even though most people are from overseas, you feel worried that everyone will speak only Italian. But in reality everyone is learning! Some are learning English and some are learning Italian. We’re all learning together.

I like how they educate us, how we have lots of field trips, the special classes like PE, music, art, and how they give us a different perspective of how the world is going on. I enjoy taking classes such as math, science and reading.

The history classes are great too, they will always tell you back stories, and they have years of teaching it. Even if they’re new they’ll try really hard to get as much information as fast as they can to teach you!”

-Noah, current student, Grade 5