At AOSR there is no judgement. No matter your religion, your skin color or the language you speak, there is never any judgement against you. If you sit down somewhere, someone will spot you within 1 minute and sit down next to you to talk to you immediately.

I like how they educate us, how we have lots of field trips, the special classes like PE, music, and art, and how they give us a different perspective of how the world is going on. I enjoy taking classes such as math, science and reading.”

It’s really weird when you first get here because everyone is from overseas, so you feel worried that everyone will speak only Italian. But in reality everyone is learning, some are learning English and some are learning Italian.

We have really enjoyed the warm open feeling that American Overseas School of Rome has given us as a new family to the community. All admissions aspects of the school were so easy to understand, and all staff and administrators really went above and beyond to welcome us to this new school environment.
Each teacher that we met helped us in any initial questions we had as we slowly learned our way around the school and the various office areas. The principal of the high school, Mr. Justin Walsh has done such a remarkable job and every meeting that we have had with him he has been very professional on all levels and shows his direct involvement in our high school student’s education.
We felt really welcomed at AOSR community and this also goes for our children who from the beginning did not have any issues at the school and enjoyed all their teachers and school staff which makes each school day an enjoyable learning experience. Both of our children feel so happy at this school and really enjoy being with the other children on a day to day basis. My son and daughter have embraced AOSR and of all their classmates. They often stay after school to participate in sports activities and even to study with classmates. What allowed them to integrate so quickly was the warm and welcoming and communication from all the other students. Being such a large international community allowed them to speak very easily and immediately make new friends as they got used to their new school environment.
–David and Mariarosaria, parents of Emanuele and Serena


Working at AOSR was a life changing experience. It was a wonderful job in a magical city. I made so many friends and met the most incredible students and colleagues. I know my path will always lead me back to AOSR. It is like the coins that I tossed in the Fontana di Trevi securing a bond that will never be broken.

–Brian Sheehan, Former Secondary School English Teacher