Top 10 reasons to choose AOSR

Warm and Welcoming

AOSR takes great pride in fostering a warm and welcoming environment. Bonds of friendship forge quickly between students, parents, faculty and staff and have proven to stand the test of time: alumni from 1950s recently returned to join us for our 2015 graduation ceremony. Whether Italy is your home, or home is thousands of miles away, we are confident that you and your child will readily become a part of the AOSR family.

Multicultural Community by Design

The rich blend of American and Italian cultures in addition to the 50 other cultures represented at the school is one of AOSR’s greatest assets in building an uncommon and uniquely enriching learning environment. Particular to AOSR is the deep sense of respect and tolerance that our students have for one another. Cultural traditions from near and far are shared, explored, and cherished in the classrooms, during after school activities, in athletics, and in the arts, and are even celebrated formally campus wide, for example, on our “International Language Day”. Furthermore, the students learn cultural lessons from one another in their time between classes and beyond school hours. In our school's true culture of caring and success, all students can reach for their full potential.

Teacher Commitment

With teachers from around the world, AOSR provides the unique opportunity for students to learn languages from native speakers, engage with the past alongside historians with content knowledge from places near and far, and conduct experiments with scientists for whom inspiration comes from exuberant minds, from Da Vinci to Edison. The teachers that make up the faculty at AOSR are diverse in background, but have all come to the school with rich experience and impressive accolades, anxious to make Rome their home. Teachers at AOSR are invested in the success of their students not only because it is an integral part of being a good educator, but also because students and teachers at AOSR create a bond that drives commitment to one another, both in and outside of school.

Academic Programs

From the innovative, renowned "Reggio Emilia" approach that nourishes curiosity and a motivation to learn for our pre-schoolers, to the wide range of subjects taught in a manner that both challenges and supports the learning needs of each student in the elementary school, to the middle school program that, in the delicate age of transition, fosters a greater sense of responsibility and independence, to the rigorous International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement programs in high school, AOSR is at the forefront in challenging students at every level while providing a support system and a feeling of continuity within the year-to-year transition. The High School curriculum is marked by two challenging curricular pathways - the International Baccalaureate and the Advanced Placement Programs. These programs offer students an opportunity to engage in deep academic inquiry and to explore new and intellectually demanding material. The college preparatory courses include a range of offerings in mathematics, laboratory sciences, literature, world languages, history, and electives, such as philosophy, art history, psychology, studio visual arts, anthropology, sociology, world religions, computer graphics, desktop publishing, video production, and web design. Over 95% of our students attend competitive universities after graduation from AOSR. Thanks to its premier academic program, AOSR is the first international school to be awarded MSA's prestigious International Credential.

Small Classes and Personal Attention

At AOSR, due to small class sizes and consistent, meaningful communication between faculty, administrators, parents, counselors, and coaches, each student is well known in the community. Teachers often work with students in clubs, organizations, and sports teams outside of the classroom, therefore gaining new perspectives and seeing each student in a more holistic, rounded manner. This allows faculty and staff to work together in a seamless fashion to discover how best to contribute to the growth and success of each child and teenager as he or she matures and becomes an integral, contributing member of society.

Performing and Fine Arts Program

Located in a city full of artistic treasures, AOSR is a school that values highly the study and creation of art in its many forms. Students are encouraged to pursue artistic endeavors both during the school day, in clubs and organizations, and in after school activities. Students may join the Music Ensemble, sing in the High School Chorus, act in a variety of theatrical productions, including the annual Shakespeare festival – a tradition decades old at AOSR – and create visual art through several courses, from painting to photojournalism. As a result of the primary role that performing arts play in AOSR academic curriculum, we are in the process of building a new performing and fine arts center that will incorporate a dedicated theatre, more classroom spaces for music and drama and a fine arts studio. The new center will give AOSR the chance to enrich and broaden the curriculum and programs available to our students as well as enhancing AOSR’s reputation as a world-class seat of education and achievement.


The athletic program is an integral part of the total curriculum and life at AOSR. It serves as a miniature model of life in that it provides opportunities for students to develop strong skills, including responsibility, integrity, honesty, teamwork, leadership, and respect for authority. While we strive to compete and win at a high level of play, our main objective is to provide opportunities for students to become well-rounded individuals with positive social and group attitudes and habits, capable of taking their place in a global society.

Extra Curricular Activities and Field Trips

At AOSR, what happens outside the classroom is often just as important as what goes on inside the classroom. A variety of clubs and extracurricular activities, including the Environmental Club, National Honor Society, Student Council, Global Issues Network (GIN), Habitat for Humanity, literary and art magazines produced for every age-level and the French, Italian, and Spanish Honor Societies, give students the opportunity to explore leadership development, project planning and character building, skills they often leave having grown and refined. The qualities gained from participation in these activities help students to expand their understanding of concepts covered in the classroom; students are enriched by their knowledge of current events, cultures outside of their own and the applicable skills gained through leadership and group work. We also take advantage of what Rome and Italy have to offer through field trips that enhance classroom learning. Students have immediate access to visit archeological sites, art galleries, museums, and architectural sites with their teachers; the classroom extends onto the streets of Rome, creating a remarkable venue for experiential learning. Rome, and everything it represents in history, art and culture, is a constant source of inspiration and offers a wealth of opportunities for our students.

Unique Facilities

Located on Via Cassia, a beautiful residential area surrounded by a natural reserve, the campus, with its own 2 hectares (4.94 acres), offers the largest and most complete facilities of any international school in Rome: 5 buildings, including an historic villa, 55 classrooms, 3 computer labs with 60 instructional computers, 75 iPads allocated for classroom use, 5 laptop carts for use in grades 3-7 and a 1-1 program in grades 8 and 9, 4 science labs, Elementary and Secondary Libraries with approximately 22,000 volumes, an auditorium, gymnasium, playing field, soccer field, outdoor basketball court, two outdoor tennis courts, and an outdoor Roman amphitheatre. In addition, AOSR has an infirmary with nurses available throughout the day, a coffee bar, and a cafeteria with both indoor and outdoor seating serving fresh, home-made food of the highest quality for all students and staff. A wide wireless network is available throughout the campus. The campus has many common spaces, both indoor and outdoor, for students to sit comfortably, study and collaborate during and outside of school hours.

Alumni Success

Time spent at AOSR is unforgettable, and our rich alumni network allows former students to stay in contact with the school and with each other, wherever their paths may take them. Alumni events are hosted more than once a year at locations in both Europe and the US, and alumni are always welcome to visit campus. AOSR boasts an inspiring number of alumni who have earned the attention of the world, from Olympic athletes, to Grammy winning composers, to professors and published authors. This vast network of alumni all around the world, remain deeply connected to this special place, an indelible part of their formative years.