Covid Safety and Distance Learning


COVID Safety in the Elementary School


Safely meeting the needs of all learners in times of COVID-19

We offer in-person learning to students on our beautiful and spacious AOSR campus as regulations allow. Our Leadership Team continues to update our clear guidelines for the orderly and safe continuation of in-person learning, following instructions from the local health authorities.

Our faculty spend the days prior to the start of school preparing engaging, challenging lessons that allow students to optimally learn under new social-distancing regulations. With teaching spaces in seven separate buildings, AOSR has easily adapted to government regulations for hygiene and the highest standards of safety

With thoughtful and precise plans for student groupings, flow of student movement, classroom ventilation and deep sanitization, AOSR ensures a safe and academically challenging year for our students.

Middle School COVID Safety and Learning



COVID Safety in the High School


A Message from our Head of School

The Leadership Team has developed clear, research-based safety protocols for in-person learning on the AOSR campus.  We believe that students learn best when they interact directly with their teacher and peers, and therefore we are dedicated to ensuring safe and enriching learning on the AOSR campus.

Our safety protocols are in-depth, quite specific, and therefore subject to change.  Each decision is based upon the most current information available.  As we update our protocols we will inform you, as parents and community members in a timely and clear manner. 

Our goal is to keep our community informed of our plans and to encourage an open, partnership-focused dialogue that leads to a successful and fulfilling school year.

AOSR is a vibrant learning community with dedicated faculty that offer the best opportunities to our students. Their commitment to each student throughout this pandemic is commendable. We are incredibly thankful to have such dedicated professionals teaching our students.


Dr. Kristen DiMatteo

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