Elementary School

Elementary School — Nourishing Curiosity and a Motivation to Learn

The Elementary School is known for its warm, caring family atmosphere and for the high quality and professionalism of its teachers. Since young children have great enthusiasm for learning, the primary goal of the Elementary School is to build on this natural curiosity so that students will develop to their fullest potential.

Our classrooms are “child-centered.” We facilitate and guide children to make appropriate choices and stretch a child's mind with new experiences and activities daily.

AOSR Elementary School teachers use the following critical practices to support student learning:

  • Differentiation: Teachers strive to challenge students based on their varying ability levels. Students may receive additional support from specialists, get assigned classwork and homework based on their level of understanding, and be given time in the school day to enrich learning based on their interests.
  • Creation of a Safe Environment: Teachers create a joyful, inclusive, stable, and supportive classroom environment by using routines, and encouraging behavior that nurtures the development of cooperation, mutual respect, resilience and self-discipline.
  • Teamwork: The teachers at AOSR work with one another, specialists, administrators and parents in order to make the best decisions possible for each student. Lines of communication are strong and ongoing and forged with a great sense of mutual respect.
  • Respect for Tradition: Elementary teachers work hard to maintain the legacy of events that make the school special, including the United Nations Day concert with a flag display by fifth grade students, the annual Halloween parade, Thanksgiving celebrations and student and parent participation at the annual Mayfair event. These traditions provide a sense of continuity for U.S. students and create a community atmosphere for students from other countries.