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After School Activities

The American Overseas School of Rome provides a wide selection of after school activities ranging from sports to arts to music to languages.

The after school program is divided into two sessions, September to January and January to May, and runs from Monday to Friday, 3:30-5:00 pm. Bus services are provided.All activities are non-discriminatory, supplement the regular classroom instruction, and contribute to the academic, physical, and social development of students. All after school program activities are for both boys and girls.

The after school activities and athletics are intended to help students to become culturally aware and to help them foster concepts such as collaboration, cooperation, and team work. They also nurture interpersonal relationships and a feeling of community.

After School Activities and Athletics offered for Kindergarten and Elementary School students might include:

  • Computer Lab (Gr. 3-5) - Create multi-media projects
    Elementary Computer Club is open to students in first through fifth grade. Students will be working with various technologies (digital microscopes, Bee-Bots, basic robotics kits, iPads, etc.) and will be learning to problem solve and create multi-media projects and presentations. They will also work through several basic coding programs that will provide them with strong critical thinking skills and a foundation for more in-depth digital storytelling and programming projects.
    18 students maximum
  • Cooking with Chris (Gr. 3-5) - Little master chefs in the making
    Cooking with Chris for grades 3-5 is aiming to develop a passion for food within children. By learning to use all five senses in the process of cooking and food preparation, children will engage with the activity fully, stimulating every part of their learning, whether it be sensory or mental. Children will be learning how to identify foreign ingredients, use their hands, eyes and noses in food recognition and, above all, getting messy and having fun while preparing delicious food!
    8 students maximum
  • Makerspace- Makerspace is a place where students can challenge themselves to create, build, and design things made out of simple materials and sometimes technology. Some days students will have a specific design challenge to participate in, such as building the tallest tower, that can stand on its own, using only straws and masking tape. Some days students will be able to freely design whatever their imaginations can think of using the simple materials in the maker space such as cardboard, rubber bands, tape, k-nex, pipe cleaners etc... Students will learn to collaborate and develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 
    10 students maximum
  • Tennis- Students practice and learn the basics of this game, through activities and games. Coaches focus on coordination and overall skills necessary to understand how to play tennis. Rackets are provided by the school.
  • Basketball- The Elementary school basketball program is designed to provide our youngest students the opportunity to develop individual skills, fitness and a strong sense of teamwork, while cultivating a life long love of sport.Training is divided into four parts: warmup and fitness, skill work, games and cool-down/stretching. Coaches use fun and games to teach the kids movement without the ball and team work. Friendly games are organized with other international schools and Italian clubs, towards the end of the year, to allow students to play in real game time situations.

  • Capoeira - This is an Afro-Brazilian martial arts course which incorporates a combination of dance, acrobatics, and music. Students in Capoeira are in constant motion and providing a physical workout while improving balance, flexibility and confidence

  • Artistic Gymnastics - This is a course which combines typical gymnastics practices with a variety of artistic expression. For a more detailed description, check out the artistic gymnastics section.These activities change each semester.

  • American Flag Football- Students have an opportunity to learn the skills and strategies of the most quintessential American game! Training incorporates fitness, individual skill and team aspects of sport. Occasional Saturday "games" are organised with students and families!

  • Soccer- The Elementary school soccer program is designed to provide our youngest students the opportunity to develop individual skills, fitness and a strong sense of teamwork, while cultivating a life long love of sport.Training is divided into four parts: warmup and fitness, skill work, games and cool-down/stretching. Our U7 and U9 programs participate in friendly matches, typically one Saturday a month with other Rome area international schools. The U11 teams are participate in the RISA League competition, with a year end champion based on the following point system, 3 points for a win, 1 for a tie and 0 for a loss.

  • Math Talks - Do you love math? Do you love being challenged with deep math thinking? I do! Join me for an afternoon of cool math extension where we will tackle a variety of problems (various levels 1-5), showing multiple ways of thinking and problem solving. This is intended for students who are independent and love a challenge. We will work through disequilibrium, learn how to communicate mathematical thinking through various habits of mind, best practices and AERO standards based. This is not math homework tutoring.
    15 students maximum

  • Art Club- - Does your child LOVE creating and learning about art? This club will be perfect for them! Taught by our competent elementary art teacher, artists will be guided to produce creative and thoughtful work. Students will use a variety of mediums including painting, printmaking, ceramics, weaving, digital art, sculpture, and claymation. Your child will learn about different artists and techniques in a fun and supportive learning environment while creating their own masterpieces!
    15 students maximum

  • Nature Club- - This club is designed for children with a curiosity and passion for nature! The students will learn more about plants and animals in our local region and around the world. The students will participate in fun projects and activities inspired by nature. We will also learn about how to protect nature and our environment.