High Ability/GATE Education

At AOSR, we recognize that students come to us with prior learning and exceptional talents that may set them above their grade level peers. Often demonstrated by exceptional ability to master grade level concepts and a high degree of task commitment, these learners need and seek extensions to their learning.  

Upon admission, the leadership team carefully reviews all prior documentation to ensure that students are placed in appropriately challenging grade levels and courses.  Flexible placement of content areas starting in Middle School gives academically advanced/gifted students the ability to excel at their desired pace.

Academically advanced and gifted students may be evaluated internally (while at AOSR)  to provide a challenging and supportive learning environment. Parents/caregivers, teachers, and counselors and principals provide a plan appropriate to students’ needs and monitor the continuous cycle. 

An Academically Advanced/Gifted student may:

  • Learn easily and rapidly

  • Think clearly, recognize implied relationships, comprehends meanings

  • Read on the average of two years above grade level

  • Retain what they hear or read without appearing to need drill practice 

  • Possess a large vocabulary

  • Exhibit independence, individualism, and self-sufficiency

  • Demonstrate a curious and investigative nature

  • Ask penetrating, searching questions

  • Focus intently on areas of interest

  • Produce original products or ideas

  • Prefer complex ideas

Student in a science class at work
AOSR GATE High AbilityDocument