Secondary School Notes

Week 31: Time for a Rest!

Eight straight weeks of learning and events, what an exciting and eventful time!  Now we an opportunity to regroup and refresh before we come back for our final term and the culmination of our learning for 2018-19.  I know that our AP&IB students will be taking this time to regroup after their many IA’s. They have also planned out with their teachers and during their holiday a study schedule and plan leading up to the exam period in the beginning of May. This holiday season is a good time for us all to rest and reflect as well as prepare for our upcoming challenges

AP/IB Exams

In the next three weeks we will begin our AP/IB Exam period.  Students and teachers have  revised and prepared all of the material that they have covered for the past two years.  This can be a stressful time.  We do everything that we can to help relieve some of this stress and the more prepared we are the less stress we feel.  It is important to keep things as normal and calm as possible during these weeks.  Students need the space to study and review, while also being given some time to rest and recharge.  Encourage your student to get outside at some point during their studying, fresh air and sunshine promote clearer thinking.




Giving Back

Our recycling group here continues to do tremendous work. Led by Dr. Melis these students continue to make positive changes here on campus and around Rome. Each Friday these students collect all of the recycled materials from here on campus and take them to a facility outside of the city to process the materials.  It is very inspiring to watch these young men and women work for the betterment of their school and community.  We are looking at ways to reduce the amount of plastic we use here on campus, a push led by this group. A huge thank you to Dr. Melis for her continued support of these students.

MS/HS PowerSchool Progress Report

As we make this final push to the end of the year our last progress reports via PowerSchool will be coming soon.  We will send out a notice to all parents and students on May 6th PowerSchool will be updated with all grades current. This will be a progress report, please take the time to speak with your student about their plans for the remainder of the school year for each of their classes.

Integrated Math at AOSR

We are pleased to share an exciting curriculum change in the area of mathematics that will positively affect all of our secondary students.  At AOSR, we regularly review our curriculum to ensure that we are offering academic programs that will best prepare our students “to courageously meet the needs of a changing world”.  After extensive research and review of our current program, we believe that students will benefit from an Integrated Math course pathway.  

The Integrated Math approach will weave together content from the domains of algebra, geometry, and statistics into a coherent and rigorous three-course sequence that will replace the traditional courses of Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II.  The new integrated courses will begin in the next academic year, 2019-2020.  

Studies suggest that students need to see mathematics as an integrated whole with connections across the content areas.  Key findings in an examination of the effectiveness of an integrated mathematics program conducted by Hanover Research (May 2015) indicate that integrated mathematics at the secondary level:

Positively impacts mathematics achievement, and Contributes to a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.

The integrated math courses establish a context for students to engage in authentic problem solving, to think about math in an interconnected manner, and to gain proficiency through repetition of concepts across multiple years.  This approach will provide a strong foundation for our students, allowing greater access to our higher level math courses, either through the Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB) Program.  

College Counseling Services

Ms. Jeffrey is continuing to meet with all of our year 11 students in relation to their college application research for the coming year. She is also of course finalising applications and helping seniors make sense of the many acceptances that they are receiving. Ms. Jeffrey continues to set up connections with schools in Europe, the UK and North America. These are schools that past graduates have attended and we have a number of current students who have applied and are interested in their programs.  This type of connection is so valuable for our school and our students as they go through their college admission process. Please continue to check our website and your email for continued information from our counseling office.

Fine Arts at AOSR

Our Spring Concert was a huge success, it was impressive to see them perform with such confidence! Auditions for our Shakespeare Festival have already begun and the Shakespeare Festival will be held on the 14th and 15th of May.  April 30th at 5:30 we are hosting our Middle School Talent Show. This is an opportunity for our students to present the passions that they have outside of the classroom setting. is lovely to see so many of our students engaged within the Fine Arts.

Community Involvement

This past Thursday and Friday AOSR was fortunate enough to have members from our community come to speak to our students about their chosen careers, how they got there and the preparation needed to be successful.  We had a wide range of occupations, from  I want to thank them all for giving up their valuable time and sharing their passions and expertise with our students.  I would also like to thank our counselors Jess Sammet, Suzanne Jeffrey, Lucia Argresta and Emma Smith for organising this engaging event.  We are so fortunate to live and work in a place with members of our community who have so much expertise and such a willingness to share.

A huge thank you to the participants! 

High School Career Fair


Norman-Research Scientist

Dario- Anesthesiologist

Georgia- Director, Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing

Antonio- Architect

Francesca- Associate Professor, Materials Engineering

Niccolo- Gallerist

Patrik- Senior Partner, Advertising Agency

Javier- Head of Global Commercial Office, Enel Green Power

Diego- Musician 

Mujah- Actor, Director, Writer, Producer

Giulia- Journalist 

Elizabeth- Founder & Business Owner

Steven- Senior Research Chemist

Anabel- Human Resources Officer at FAO

Elif- Founder/CEO of Artisanal Cornucopia

Middle School Career Fair

Eric- Journalist

Claudio- Surgeon

Alessandra- Fashion Designer

Javier- Engineer

Elif- Lawyer/Entrepreneur

Regan- Psychologist

Anthony- Diplomat

Martina- Political and Environmental Activist

Christophe- Diplomat

Falcons are Flying!

When our teams come back from the holiday they will each have three more competitions prior to the European Championships.  They have put in a great deal of hard work and we look forward to their continued growth throughout the remainder of the season.

It is fantastic to see so many of our students engaged in different activities and able to take advantage of these wonderful opportunities. Good Luck Falcons!


We have just begun our Re-Registration period.  We have had many new families come to see AOSR and new enrolments are starting to roll in. For our returning students/families we will of course hold space and the registration fee will be waived if re-enrolment occurs before April 30th.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact the main administration offices.

The re-enrolment process is very important as we look to build our master timetable and ensure we can provide all our students the courses they need. This enrolment data allows us to determine how many sections we are able to run, which opens up more opportunities for all of our students. 

I look forward to all of our wonderful students returning in the coming year!

Technology News

AOSR Expands BYOD Program

We will be expanding our BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Program to 9th Grade in September 2020. This means all 9th to 12th Graders must bring their own computer to school each day starting in September 2020.

Families can choose almost any device, but the computer should meet the specifications found at

If you plan to purchase a new device, this is a great opportunity to have your son or daughter research computer models and propose to you what they would like to purchase. Ask them to tell you why they want that model, where they can get the best price, and what warranty and support are included. If you already have an older laptop that meets the specifications, then no need to buy a new computer.

Consider purchasing a protective case to help protect the computer from damage.

You can contact Rick Part at edtech@aosr with any questions. 

Thank you for your continued support of AOSR and our students.

Kind Regards,

Justin Walsh

Secondary School Principal

High School Academic Profile

Well Rounded Students

AOSR students stand out as well-rounded individuals with access to an enormous range of athletic, and artistic activities as well as clubs and organizations to engage in outside of class.


Our student athletes compete with pride and sportsmanship against their peers at schools across Italy and other countries throughout Europe.

  • Cross country
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Wrestling
  • Soccer
  • Cheerleading

Students learn to value creativity and think outside the box, becoming more comfortable with risk taking and more adept at honing a craft.

  • Music ensemble
  • High school chorus
  • Theatrical productions (including the annual Shakespeare festival)
  • Painting
  • Photojournalism
Clubs and Activities

Students are exposed to principles of leadership development, project planning and character building.

  • Environmental Club
  • National Honor Society
  • Student Council
  • Global Issues Network (GIN)
  • French, Italian, and Spanish Honor Societies
  • Omnibus: the literary and art magazine
  • Gay Straight Alliance
  • Cinephiles: Film Club
Community Service

There is a premium on community service at AOSR and over 25% of our students participate in service efforts on and off campus.

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Recycling
  • Library service
  • Classroom helpers
  • Supporting a cultural center in the slums of Salvador Bahia, Brazil
  • Volunteering with Retake Rome
  • Volunteering at the Rome Refugee Center