Summer Assignments

Middle School Summer Learning

Grade 9 Summer Reading

Summer reading for students entering Grade 9. 

College Counseling

Class of 2020 to do list 

Research Colleges and Universities:

  • Use and sign in with your Google Account
  • Take the Career Assessment and explore those options

If applying to the UK:

  • go to and create your account
  • Explore universities in the UK

If applying to the U.S.: 

  • please go to and create your account. 
  • Add your US colleges you are considering to your list.


  • Sign up for the SATs - both SAT I and SAT II, if applicable.
  • Begin to write your essay and/or personal statement
  • E-mail me if you need to/want to/have to:
  • And check this out before you write your essay

AP Psychology

Please study the following words over the summer. There will be a quiz a week after the beginning of school.

Psychology review flash cards 

MS Spanish 3 and HS Spanish 2

Español en imágenes 1 & Español en imágenes 2.

** HW for MS Spanish 3, are students who finished MS Spanish 2 this school year 

**HW for HS Spanish 2, are students who finished HS Spanish 1 this school year. 

1. Do the different 6 sections in order of the pages. 

2. Learn their meanings and their correct spelling (written accents, included). 

3. At the end of each topic you will find its activities starting on page 72 (Book, part 2), and its correct answers starting on page 102 (Book, part 2).

4. We will have a Vocabulary test about some (and/or all) sections in mid/late September.

AP/IB Spanish

IB Italian Language

Stats, Int math 1, Int math 2 (hons)

Link to assignments. 

English 10, IB Language & Literature Grade 11 & 12

American Literature

AP and IB European History

TOK (Theory of Knowledge)


Due date: Upon first TOK class in October

Advanced Biology

AP and IB Chemistry

High School Academic Profile

Well Rounded Students

AOSR students stand out as well-rounded individuals with access to an enormous range of athletic, and artistic activities as well as clubs and organizations to engage in outside of class.


Our student athletes compete with pride and sportsmanship against their peers at schools across Italy and other countries throughout Europe.

  • Cross country
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Wrestling
  • Soccer
  • Cheerleading

Students learn to value creativity and think outside the box, becoming more comfortable with risk taking and more adept at honing a craft.

  • Music ensemble
  • High school chorus
  • Theatrical productions (including the annual Shakespeare festival)
  • Painting
  • Photojournalism
Clubs and Activities

Students are exposed to principles of leadership development, project planning and character building.

  • Environmental Club
  • National Honor Society
  • Student Council
  • Global Issues Network (GIN)
  • French, Italian, and Spanish Honor Societies
  • Omnibus: the literary and art magazine
  • Gay Straight Alliance
  • Cinephiles: Film Club
Community Service

There is a premium on community service at AOSR and over 25% of our students participate in service efforts on and off campus.

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Recycling
  • Library service
  • Classroom helpers
  • Supporting a cultural center in the slums of Salvador Bahia, Brazil
  • Volunteering with Retake Rome
  • Volunteering at the Rome Refugee Center