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After School Activities

Middle School students at The American Overseas School of Rome are able to participate in a wide range of activities in the areas of art, music and physical education. The sport teams compete against other international schools throughout the sport seasons.

The after school program is divided into two sessions, September to January and January to May, and runs from Monday to Friday, 3:30-5:00 pm. Bus services are provided.All activities are non-discriminatory, supplement the regular classroom instruction, and contribute to the academic, physical, and social development of students. All after school program activities are for both boys and girls.

The after school activities and athletics are intended to help students to become culturally aware and to help them foster concepts such as collaboration, cooperation, and team work. They also nurture interpersonal relationships and a feeling of community.

After School Activities and Athletics offered for Middle School students might include:

  • Artistic Gymnastics - This is a course which combines typical gymnastics practices with a variety of artistic expression. For a more detailed description, check out the artistic gymnastics section.These activities change each semester. The Artistic gymnastics  program provides our kindergarten - 12th grade students the opportunity to train three times a week and participate in competitions at least twice throughout the year. The goal is to develop individual skill, fitness and a love of sport. Training is divided into three parts: warmup/stretching and fitness, gymnastics apparatus work and strength training. We have traditionally participated in a winter competition in Viterbo, in addition to the AOSR Gymnastics Cup, in the third week of May. The Cup is attended by almost 100 gymnasts from 6 different programs around Rome.
  • Basketball- The Middle school basketball program is designed to provide student-athletes the opportunity to develop individual skills, fitness and a strong sense of teamwork, while cultivating a life long love of sport.Training is divided into four parts: warmup and fitness, skill work, games and cool-down/stretching. Increased focus on strategies of the game help prepare our Middle School students for the High School varsity program. Regular competition against other Rome international schools and Italian clubs, occur at least once a month, giving our teams real game time experience!
  • Swimming- AOSR is in it's first year of offering swimming to our Secondary student-athletes. Training occurs on Monday and Wednesday mornings at Pangaro Team pool, where our English speaking coaches focus on developing particular skills associated with Butterfly, Backstroke, Freestyle, and Breaststroke. Athletes will have the opportunity to participate in at least one competition throughout the year!
  • American Flag Football- Students have an opportunity to learn the skills and strategies of the most quintessential American game! Training incorporates fitness, individual skill and team aspects of sport. Occasional Saturday "games" are organised with students and families!
  • Soccer- Middle School soccer fields both girls and boys teams. Teams train twice a week, focusing on fitness, individual skill, game strategies and team work. Training is divided into four parts: warmup and fitness, skill work, games and cool-down/stretching. Teams compete in the local RISA international school league and participate in the annual international soccer tournament, Mediterranean Cup in Verona every Spring.
  • Volleyball- Training is differentiated to all levels of volleyball skills and experience. Our rookie secondary school student-athletes will develop basic skills and knowledge of the game, while our more experienced players focus on particular aspects of their game they want to take to the next level. Training prepares student-athletes to participate at the High School varsity level. The team plays a number of matches against local clubs and other international schools in Rome, gaining invaluable game time experience.
  • Tennis- Student-athletes receive training aimed at developing their individual skill sets in tennis. Fitness and coordination are fundamental in training sessions, while coaches also incorporate match like scenarios. Possible competitions towards the end of the year provide student-athletes real game experience, helping them prepare for the high school varsity sports program.