Tech @ AOSR

BYOD has expanded to 8th to 12th grade!

At AOSR we believe that technology plays an important role in learning. Technology can support and inspire learners and is part of an engaging and creative curriculum.

We will:

  • Succeed Academically by using technology to create, reflect, learn, and explore
  • Communicate Skillfully by selecting, and using effective tools for communication
  • Collaborate Purposefully by using technology that fosters collaboration within and outside our community
  • Think Critically by evaluating and selecting appropriate technology for tasks and by reflecting on how technology impacts ourselves and our world
  • Cultivate Creativity by embracing new ideas and by designing, building and creating solutions to problems
  • Live as Ethical Citizens by demonstrating honesty, integrity, and empathy in the digital world
  • Be Globally Minded by using technology that helps us better understand other perspectives, share our own ideas, and support others
  • Demonstrate Resilience and Balance by striving to find solutions to tough problems and self-regulating our use of technology

Overview of Programs

Internet Safety