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Afternoon light in the quad, a favorite spots for students and even parents!

Photo by students: Alice, Greta, and Marilyn. 

The trees in the quad provide the perfect shade in spring and summer for students to study, read, or have snack time!

Photo by students: Edoardo, Benedict, and Nicholas. 

The outdoor quad at AOSR. A green space enjoyed by students to study and play at the heart of campus. 

Photo by students: Blessing, Matteo and Serena. 

AOSR's green outdoor quad. A space for all to enjoy studying, playing or relaxing on a sunny day. 

AOSR's quad is  green and spacious area for students to enjoy study time and even classes outside on a sunny day. 

AOSR's historic Villa, one of the unique elements of campus.

Middle and high school students are able to eat lunch in this outdoor seating area which overlooks a peaceful and quiet natural reserve. 

Students enjoy eating outside in the fall and spring. Our outdoor patio is shaded by trees for students to enjoy on sunny days. 

An example of a high school chemistry classroom fully stocked with protective gear and chemistry lab equipment. 

An example of a high school biology lab overlooking the natural reserve. Lots of natural light streams into our classrooms. 

The brand new AOSR Technology Lab! There are 3D printers, laser cutters, and many other tools which students can use to create and design. 

The brand new computer lab. 

The secondary school library, overlooking the peaceful nature reserve. A perfect quiet study place for students. 

The entrance to the high school building. 

The new elementary school playground, from funds raised by the PTO. 

The elementary school technology lab.

The colorful elementary school library. 

An example of an elementary school classroom. This is a Grade 1 classroom. 

An outdoor study space for students outside of the high school building. 

Another outdoor study space for students to enjoy. Students are encouraged to spend as much time as possible outside studying, playing or reading. 

The AOSR Booster Bar, a favorite spot for many in our community. This is used for student bake sales and every Friday for Booster Bar- where our PTO cooks up hotdogs and hamburgers for the community before athletic events and to kickoff the weekend. 

Students fundraising for one of our various clubs on campus by hosting a bake sale. 

A student volunteers at the Friday Booster Bar!

Booster Bar, clean and ready for a Friday night barbecue! 

The AOSR American style indoor gymnasium. 

The large gym facilities offered at AOSR for indoor physical education classes, sports practices, and large community events. 

Photo by students: Nicholas, Edoardo, and Benedict. 

An empty gym waiting to be filled with athletes and Falcon fans! The gym is used for physical education classes, school assemblies, volleyball and basketball home games, and other events. 

Photo by students: Harry, Wyatt, Richard, and Kevin. 

The gymnasium lights twinkle in anticipation of a Friday night athletic event. 

Photo by students Stella, Zun and Paolo. 

The gym bleachers where the Falcon community of students, teachers, and parents, cheers on student-athletes during home games!

Photo by students: Mengxiong, Simone, and Alessandro. 

Outdoor areas: soccer fields, a basketball court and tennis courts in use by students during recess break time. 

Photo by students: Mengxiong, Simone, and Alessandro. 

A photo of our tennis courts on a sunny Roman day.

Photo by students: Stella, Paolo, and Zun. 

The outdoor basketball court is constantly in use by students at recess, during PE class, or during after school activities sessions. It is also used during the annual Summer Basketball and Sports Camps.  

Students playing on the field during PE class. 

A picturesque view of the historic villa as seen from the soccer fields. 

Sun shining down on the soccer fields with piercing blue skies! A Rome signature. 

Photo by students: Harry, Wyatt, Richard, and Kevin. 

The outdoor Roman-style amphitheatre is a quiet spot which is used for outdoor drama classes and performances, the annual Shakespeare Festival, and assemblies when the weather permits. The amphitheatre is nestled on the hillside overlooking a peaceful nature reserve. 

AOSR's coffee bar, available to parents and students for coffee, snacks, pizza, and even sushi!

Photo by students: Mengxiong, Simone, and Alessandro. 

Morning light streaming into the cafeteria. 

Photo by students: Emma, Costanza, and Ginevra. 

The cafeteria also features an indoor theatre, which is used for concerts and student performances. 

Students enjoying lunch in the cafeteria! A highlight of many families is the fresh and healthy 3-course meal available to students. 

Photo by students: Benedict, Nicholas, and Edoardo. 

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