Cafeteria Service

An elementary school student eats lunch in the cafeteria



Nourishing Meals

AOSR prides itself on serving healthy lunches with a variety of choice that keep students nourished and hydrated throughout the day.

The cafeteria serves Italian meals using fresh high-quality ingredients. A dietician oversees the menu and ensures restricted dietary needs are met.

We believe that maintaining nutritional eating habits is an integral part of student life and success. Healthy eating and living habits are taught through our health and wellness curriculum.

Lunch costs are not included in the Tuition Fees but are complimentary for students in Pre-K through Grade 3.  From Grades 4 to 12, cafeteria fees are à la carte.

An elementary school student eats lunch in the cafeteria


Our Lunch Menu Always Includes:

  • Primi (first course) with a choice of pasta, pizza, or soup
  • Secondi (second course) including meat, fish, bread, and vegetables
  • A full salad bar 
  • Fruits and yogurt

Indoor & Outdoor Seating

Our cafeteria has spacious indoor seating and an outdoor terrace with shaded seating, giving students the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful view of Rome's rolling hills in the distance.

Our recently installed solarium is enjoyed by students and faculty members year round. 

COffee and Snack bar:

 Our coffee bar is open before school begins, throughout the day, and after school for students to purchase:
  • À la carte menu of salads, sushi and sandwiches 
  • Healthy snacks
  • Coffee and tea
  • Water