Financial aid

For returning students: May 8th , 2020. Only applications submitted by this deadline will be presented to the Financial Aid Committee for allocation of funds.

For new students: After student(s) has been officially accepted at AOSR and the Capital Assessment and Registration fees have been paid.

Funds available for Financial Aid are determined by AOSR Board of Trustees and their allocation is considered for students whose parents or guardians submit evidence of financial hardship. Applications for financial aid will be carefully reviewed in confidence by the Financial Aid Committee.

  • It is understood that financial aid consists of a reduction in tuition fees only . It is never applied to other fees such as transportation, IB or AP fees.
  • A financial aid grant is awarded only for the academic year noted on this form.
  • The decision on the amount of financial aid granted will be communicated in writing to the parent(s) for acceptance.
  • Failure to meet payment due dates may jeopardize future financial aid awards.
  • Financial aid is not available to Pre - K students.

Requests for financial aid must be made in writing by completing the following forms:

For further information about Financial Aid, please contact the billing office at