Tryouts for our coed cheer team take place the first weeks of November, giving cheer hopefuls 2 days to show their athleticism and spirit.

Though often viewed as support to the basketball program, the cheer team prepares and competes in a competition of their own at the European Championships. Cheer squads are scored on the basis of “Game Time Cheer”, “Dance” and their routine delivered at the last day of the championships.

Head coach Ms. Karina Cortez, supported by assistant coach Alice Mocci, brings national and international cheer experience with her from Ecuador, necessary for the development of the rigorous training sessions developing fitness levels, spirit and choreography.

The AOSR Cheer program has grown leaps and bounds recently, being the youngest program in DoDDS Europe, started in 2001, and the only international school in Italy to put forward a team. We have finished in the top 3 in the past two out of three seasons.

Award Plaques

 AOSR Cheer takes 3rd place in the 2019 Division II competition

AOSR Varsity Cheer 2019

In 2019, AOSR cheer was recognized for the 4th time in the top three at European Championships! 

We are so proud of what our team accomplished this year. We are the first cheer team at AOSR to achieve a podium place at Europeans. Each person brings something different to the team whether it be experience, leadership or spirit.

Federica F. and Devon G.
AOSR Cheerleading Captains, 2015-2016
2nd Place Division II 2016 European Championships

Quotes from past Cheerleaders

...We have grown as friends and as a family, making this year one of the best in recent AOSR Cheer history. Everyone picked up quickly on the hard work, skills and dedication that is needed to produce a routine and a good sideline team. We had a very high level of spirit and passion for our own team as well as for the teams we cheered for.

Benjamin L. and Olivia M.
AOSR Cheerleading Captains, 2014-2015