Athletics function as an integral part of the total curriculum and life at AOSR. The athletics program serves as a miniature model of life in that it provides opportunities for students with regard to sportsmanship, responsibility, integrity, honesty, teamwork, leadership, and respect for authority.

Additionally, athletics help individual students develop healthy self concepts as well as physical well-being. Athletic competition adds to our school spirit and helps all students –spectators as well as participants– develop pride in the school.

Winning is often considered the measure of success and our athletes are encouraged to do their best in every team or individual competition. However, winning is not the only objective of the AOSR athletics program. Our main objective is to provide opportunities for students to develop themselves as well-rounded individuals with positive social and group attitudes and habits, capable of taking their place in a global society.

At no time will the educational curriculum and program be considered secondary to athletics.

Mr. Daniel Zacaroli
Athletic Director