Wrestling is a "non-cut" coed winter sport, which means that any student interested in joining the team may do so as long as he/she is ready to train and come to practice.

Joining our Wrestling team will teach discipline, endurance, and the skills needed to excel independently as well as part of a team.

Though viewed as highly individual, head coach Mr. Marco Tincani takes a very team orientated approach. Bringing national and international wrestling experience to our mats, Coach Tincani cultivates that sense of unity by challenging the student-athletes to develop skills together, while improving physical fitness through training and healthy life style choices.

Wrestlers either winning their weight-class or being awarded a wildcard spot from the ASIL Sectional Competition receive a spot in the European Championships in Wiesbaden, Germany.

AOSR wrestling moved two wrestlers through ASIL Sectional competition to European finals stages in 2015, one winning a wildcard and the other closing his season undefeated!

Award Plaques


Quotes from Past wrestlers

In my first year as team captain, and second year wrestling, I’ve seen a lot of growth in the AOSR Wrestling Squad’s character. I’ve seen previously unmotivated guys forge themselves into competent, dedicated members of the team. I’ve seen a greater sense of camaraderie amongst all the guys. I’ve seen the first two AOSR wrestlers make it to Europeans in over 15 years. Next year I can’t wait to see the same.

John G.
AOSR Wrestling Captain, 2014-2015