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Embark on a Global Educational Journey: The IB Program at AOSR in Rome

Discover the world-class International Baccalaureate (IB) program in Rome at the American Overseas School of Rome (AOSR), a distinguished IB World School. Since 1989, AOSR has been a cornerstone in offering the enriching IB Diploma Programme to Grade 11 and 12 students, framing a pathway to premier universities globally.

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Originating from Geneva, Switzerland, the IB initiative embodies a spirit of international understanding. Now, it propels over 2 million learners across 150 countries towards a bright academic and professional horizon. The IB curriculum at AOSR, one of the esteemed IB schools in Rome, is meticulously designed to cultivate a questioning mind, preparing its cohort for a seamless transition into university education anywhere on the globe.

Why Choose the IB Program in Rome at AOSR?

The IB Program isn't just a rigorous academic expedition; it's an engaging and rewarding journey. If your sights are set on a robust college-preparatory curriculum, the IB courses at AOSR are your passport to future readiness. With a suite of 22 IB courses, AOSR stands tall among the IB programs in Italy, nurturing critical thinkers ready to challenge the status quo.

IB learners aren't just textbook smart—they're life smart. The curriculum fosters a knack for asking the right questions, a trait highly prized in the professional realm. The IB program at AOSR molds students into inquisitive, compassionate, and globally-minded individuals. The emphasis on critical thinking, research, interpersonal rapport, and self-management prepares them not only for academic excellence but also for a successful stride into the career world.

A peek into the experiences of AOSR's IB alumni elucidates the program's substantial impact. In our feature video, The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Explained and What Are the Benefits?, IB graduate Maria Vittoria unveils the essence of the IB realm in Rome.

A Stepping Stone to Prestigious Universities

The IB Diploma doesn’t just signify academic prowess; it’s a ticket to earning college credits even before stepping onto a university campus. Prestigious institutions like Columbia University, Yale, and Stanford recognize the value of an IB education, offering credit for various IB exams.

AOSR Graduation - the Class of 2023

Who is the IB Program For?

The IB ethos resonates with the curious, the passionate, and the ambitious. Those with a fervor for learning, a knack for time management, and a zest for success will find the IB program at AOSR a nurturing ground for their academic and personal growth.

The comprehensive IB curriculum requires students to venture through a diverse array of courses, ensuring a well-rounded education. The ultimate reward? An IB diploma that holds worldwide recognition, a testament to your diligence and intellect.

The Legacy of IB Program at AOSR

The American Overseas School of Rome has a rich legacy of fostering IB scholars who've soared into prominent universities in the US, Europe, and beyond. The program's equivalence with the Italian "Maturità" also paves the way for AOSR graduates into Italy's top-notch universities.

Explore the gateway to a global education with the IB program at AOSR. Discover more about the IB Program at AOSR or reach out to us at admissions@aosr.org for a deeper insight.

Not entirely set on the IB pathway? AOSR also proudly offers the Advanced Placement Program, standing as the sole international school in Rome with both prestigious programs on the table. Discover more about our AP program.

AOSR is more than an education; it's the experience of a lifetime.