I have read the High School Varsity Athletic Handbook and understand what is written. I agree to uphold my responsibilities and the rules of the school. Failure to do so may result in my removal from any extra-curricular activity during the current quarter. This contract is valid for the 2018 – 2019 school year.​​​​​​​​​​​​​


I understand that the uniform issued to me as a student-athlete is my responsibility. I agree to wear it only for competitions and to return it to my coach at the end of the season in good condition and clean. Should I lose or damage a part of my uniform (jersey, shorts, etc.), I agree to pay a minimum of 50 Euros and a maximum not to exceed 200 Euros per lost or ruined item to AOSR for their replacement. In the event a uniform is stolen, the coach must be notified the same day, otherwise the uniform will be considered lost and replacement fee will apply. A uniform damaged during an official athletic completion is not the financial responsibility of the student-athlete.​​
I understand that my child's photo and video may be taken during sports events on and off campus, and may be used by AOSR. ​​​If you have not signed the annual permission form, please contact to do so immediately.​


As stated in the Varsity Athletic Handbook, the end-of-season championships include additional fees that help offset the costs for transportation, hotels and bus service. The school makes every effort to keep the costs as reasonable as possible while maintaining a quality athletic program and safe travel options.

The length of tournaments range from 2 to 6 days and the total expense will vary between sports. The contribution per student-athlete is 75.00 euros a day for the duration of the trip, with a maximum of 375.00 euro per trip.

Organization for in-season and championship tournaments requires pre-planning for trips including; booking of transportation (airplane, bus or train), hotels and buses for shuttling the athletes at tournaments. Occasional in season travel to Sigonella (Catania) requires the purchase of transportation tickets.

Signing this form confirms your commitment to these trips, in the case you are selected to the roster, and specifies your financial responsibilities in the case you withdraw after tickets are purchased.

If you do not sign the commitment below you cannot be considered for the championship roster and no travel arrangements can be made for you. There is no guarantee from the school of playing time or selection to the tournament roster and there is no commitment by you, even with your signature below, if your child is not selected to participate.

Your signature confirms your child’s participation in the event they are selected to their team’s roster to Sigonella or Championships. Your signature implies that if selected, you will submit the European Championship contribution fee on the due date, to be stated each season. If you withdraw from the trip after rosters have been announced and tickets have been purchased, you are responsible for the full fair and any costs associated with your booking, typically more than the contribution fee. ​​
I agree to pay the costs for my son/daughter to participate in the end – of – season tournament if s/he is selected. If I withdraw my son/daughter at a later date, I understand there are costs associated with transportation/hotel I am responsible for. ​​​


In order to plan travel and gain access to competition sites for our student-athletes and family members who wish to travel to support the teams, the athletic department needs timely access to your travel documents. All student-athletes must submit a scan of their passport.

For students who are not Italian citizens, you must submit a scan of either your permesso di soggiorno or MAE card as well. For dual citizenship please contact Mr. Daniel Zacaroli at

Documents should be named as follows:

  • LAST NAME, First name, Document type (passport, permesso, etc).

Other documents may be required on an individual basis due to security protocols at hosting sites.

Please attach files below for your student-athlete and any family member planning to attend games which require documentation (see below).

I hereby grant permission and release these documents to the Athletic Director and necessary administration at AOSR, along with hosting athletic directors, administration, and security offices of organizations which will host the teams such as other schools, DoDDS, hotels, transportation vehicles, and any other organization involved in these sporting events. I understand that for my child to participate in these athletic events, the release of these documents is necessary.​
I understand that in order to gain access to athletic events happening on DoDDs facilities, I must submit documents for myself and any other family members planning to attend.​​ I understand that submission of these documents does not guarantee access to the facility. I will contact the Athletic Director prior to the event to confirm base access. ​ ​​



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