A Future-Ready Learning Campus

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The AOSR Campus Master Plan will create new learning spaces for optimal 21st-century education. The plan includes two brand-new buildings and the modernization of our historic Villa and gymnasium.

Our architectural team has designed these facilities improvements to be environmentally friendly and to enhance our campus systematically each summer.

State of the Art Facilities

  • Performing Arts Center
  • Fitness & Health Center
  • Middle School Commons
  • Multimedia Art Center
  • Renovations of the common areas
  • Complete renovations of our Elementary and Secondary School Libraries (completed in 2022)
  • Interactive, touch screens, for all our classrooms (completed in 2022)
  • Cafeteria renovations (completed in 2022)
  • Completion of our Black Box Theatre (completed in 2022)
All are part of our campus master plan to ensure the highest quality of learning environments.

A Future-Ready Learning Campus is an initiative to renovate AOSR's historic campus. Targeted improvements will address 21st century learning values, safety and security.

Our new buildings will be completed by December 2023.  Our athletic fields and courts will be redesigned in Summer 2024. We are in the final design stages for the renovations of our Historic Villa. The AOSR Campus Master Plan is an ambitious project that we believe in.