Helping Migrants in Rome: the Baobab Association at AOSR
Helping Migrants in Rome: the Baobab Association at AOSR

Since the beginning of the year the French Honor Society has been working with the Baobab Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping migrants in Rome by providing them with food, tents, and sleeping bags in addition to organizing recreational activities.

We recently had the great pleasure of welcoming Elena, Nurit, Valerio, Mahmud e Khaled, five members of the association at school. It was wonderful to hear Valerio and Elena talk about all the work they are doing to help migrants, not only by providing them with basic items to survive but also by showing them human warmth and kindness. We were all moved by the testimonial of Mahmud, a young man who was forced to leave Libya with his entire family to escape a dangerous political situation.

Although we were stricken by the descriptions of the hardships faced by migrants, our guests possessed an infectious energy and wonderful sense of humor. They made us aware that a better life is possible for them with the help of all of us.

We will continue to support our new friends. All proceeds collected during Mayfair 2017 by the French Honor Society will go to the Baobab association.

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