Many Forms of Art at AOSR
Many Forms of Art at AOSR

Here at AOSR, we encourage art in every form! From painting, to drawing, to music, dance, or theatre, we LOVE it all! We are continuously working to foster an environment that celebrates and advocates the importance of art. Please enjoy photos of our wonderful student art, and don't forget to follow our art Instagram to see more!

Our wonderful student Gisella created this masterpiece, and we can't wait to celebrate more of her artwork in the future!

Another beautiful photo of Gisella's gorgeous art!

We love the use of color and creativity in this piece by student Gisella.

We love the use of color and creativity in this piece by student Gisella.

How amazing is this piece by student Giulia? So unique and innovative!

We love this piece from student artist Monica, such a fun and original style.

What a cute project going on in our elementary art classes! Students are working on making colourful, beaded, and feathered dream catchers! So creative!

HS student Amadeo chose to use palm tree's for his designs this week. Project for Ms. Dunn's class asked each student to choose one item to draw or paint, but in 3 different ways. We love celebrating freedom of creativity!

Carlotta pondering over the next steps in her series of artwork.

Student Clarissa chose to design three flowers, look at this gorgeous choice of color!

Filippo was sketching the human eye- so simple, yet so complex and beautiful!

Frederick working on his project- this is the during process.

Frederick's AFTER photo, stunning!