A Week-Long Discovery of Known and Hidden Cultural Treasures
A Week-Long Discovery of Known and Hidden Cultural Treasures

From March 13th to March 16th, Middle School students went on an amazing adventure that took them to different parts of Italy.

Grade 6 in Veneto

Our sixth grade students visited the region of Veneto. They began in Lido di Jesolo, then they headed to Venice where a guided tour took them through winding roads, dodging pigeons as they crossed bridges and even met gondolieri! They also visited Murano, the Glass Island.

On the following days, they continued their adventure visiting the Grotte di Oliero and having a rafting trip down the Brenta river. Rafting a great way to put our adolescent energy to task but also proof of our true team spirit!

The journey continued to Verona, where students visited the famous "Arena" and witnessed a marriage proposal right in front of Juliette's house!

Grade 7 in Campania, Puglia and Basilicata

In Campania, after a glorious day at the Solfatara and climbing Mt. Vesuvius, our seventh graders enjoyed a pizza demostration workshop.

The next two days they visited Puglia where they had the chance to explore the amazing caves in Castellana Grotte and the fascinating Alberobello–-a UNESCO world heritage site featuring the unique "trulli".

Last day of their trip, they headed to Basilicata where they visited another UNESCO Heritage Site, Matera, the City of Sassi.

Grade 8 in Liguria

Our eighth grade students started they visit in the beautiful Cinque Terre, hiking from Corniglia to Vernazza, with great local guides and learning about the region's history, challenges and way of life.

The following day was dedicated to a visit of Genova where students learned about the history of the city. As part of their tour in Genova, they visited "Acquario di Genova", the largest aquarium in Europe.

On their way back to Rome, they stopped at the San Rossore Nature Park.

And those who stayed in Rome...

... enjoyed the treasures of the Eternal City with :

– A visit to the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna, where they had a lot of fun discovering the works of art of the most important artists of the 20th century.

– A visit to Villa Torlonia where students enjoyed playing with the robots and acting on a film set with special effects. Particularly, they appreciated the Owls' House (Casina delle Civette).

– A visit to the district of Ostiense.

Ms. Bloem, one of the chaperones for those who stayed in Rome, provided the following report about their day visit to the Ostiense area:

Contemporary Rome, From Street Art and Slow Food, to the Gods among Machines

Last Thursday our students went to see 'Triumphs and Laments '(2016), this is a large scale, 500–meter long frieze on the Lungo Tevere Farnesina, showing the images of Rome's history, created by artist William Kentridge and many volunteers, among those was former AOSR student Camilla Sobral.
We then admired Street Art in the district of Ostiense, with its large abandoned industrial facilities, which have recently undergone strong redevelopment. Numerous works of urban art have emerged in this area, showing works of famous local and international artists.
During lunch, former AOSR student Amanda Wotring, spoke to the students about 'slow food,' a movement started in 1986 by Carlo Petrini, to protect Italy's ancient culinary cuisine. Slow food is produced with local ingredients, each region has their specific foods and they should be grown and produced in the right time and way. She pointed out that you can recognize slow food restaurants by a snail logo and that all variety of seeds is being preserved while thinking of generations ahead.
After lunch we went to see "The Gods among Machines," at the old power plant Montemartini, which now serves as a museum. Here four hundred classical sculptures co-exist with the vestiges of a thermoelectric plant. The collection includes tombs, sculptures and beautiful mosaics from a garden on the Esguiline. Of course we topped it with eating an ice cream at the end of a successful day emerging in Rome's art.

It was an exciting, informative and stimulating week for all of our Middle School students.

Thank you to Middle School Coordinator, Sarah Ellyson, for leading the organization of these trips, as well as our chaperones who assisted in the planning.

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2017 Spring Middle School Cultural Week
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