Student Reflections on the Global Issues Network Conference in Luxembourg
Student Reflections on the Global Issues Network Conference in Luxembourg

Some of our High School students participated in the 12th European Annual GIN (Global Issues Network) Conference held in Luxembourg from March 23rd to 25th.

They attended workshop sessions each day; some were interactive, others were hands-on.

In one session, our collaborator Marie-Christine shared her extraordinary story of survival, hope, and love after surviving the Rwanda genocide. She also presented her projects in London to help refugees and her collaboration with GIN of AOSR.

Our GIN President, Nick K., introduced Marie-Christine in front of an audience of over 400 students coming from 60 countries.

Delegates Fiona P. and Pantea A. went on stage to present our action plan, with visions inspired by the experience of this conference.

All of our students proudly represented AOSR and engaged the audience in a lively discussion on our topic of integrating refugees in their new societies and cultures.

Below are some of their reflections about this formative experience.

"It was my first time being at a GIN conference, and it has definitely made a clear and lasting mark in my memory and my career as a student. This special experience can be found from nowhere else, and it for sure will have its giveback during next year's conference and future life of everyone of us." –Super YongChao C.

"We met others from different schools, learning how to make connections with others and work together, creating friendships that will last for years. Each of the speakers inspired us individually, opening our eyes to not only talking and complaining about issues, but also that each of us makes a difference." –Amanda V.

"Not only were we able to share the work we did throughout the school year, and demonstrate our involvement in global issues, we were also able to witness a large amount of students that, just like us, were interested in making a difference in the world. It was inspiring as there were students of different ages that came together to learn about global issues. Behind all the educational speeches and presentations was the idea that it doesn't matter how old one may be, as long as he or she is determined to help change the world for the better, he or she is able to do so." –Sonia M.

"By being able to hear various perspectives and discuss with students, I have further developed my stance on global events." – Pantea A.

A special thank you to our Secondary Science Teacher, Ms. Eva St. Onge, who coordinated the experience.

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