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Model United Nations (MUN)

Model United Nations (MUN) is an after school club for high school students interested in diplomacy and addressing the global challenges of the 21st century. Throughout the first half of the year, students learn about the structure of the United Nations, their different programs and consider the strengths and limitations of the organization. Students participated in debates and mini-simulations to learn about the background of the UN.
The ultimate goal of MUN is to prepare to participate in a United Nations simulation that takes place in the Hague each year. At this conference, 3,200 students from all over the world join together to debate and form solutions for some of the world’s biggest challenges-- from climate change to human rights for migrants. Each school represents a different country delegation. This year, AOSR represented the delegation from Honduras. Students prepared by researching the geopolitical and socio economic characteristics of Honduras as well as Honduras’ key allies. Each student specialized in a specific commission such as an environmental or human rights commission and created solutions to global issues, using Honduras’ perspective as a guiding framework to all resolutions that they drafted.
Once at the conference, students split into their respective commissions to collaborate with students from different delegations. Together they drafted and debated resolutions to propose solutions to a multitude of global issues. Throughout this experience, AOSR students formed new friendships with students from all over the world, engaged in United Nations parliamentary procedures, and expanded their worldview as they considered the perspectives from various country delegations.

Student Reflections from the 2019 MUN Conference