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Recycling Committee

What is the Recycling Committee?

The recycling committee started when Ms. Melis and Ms. St. Onge began working together to promote recycling in the AOSR community through the Spanish Honor Society and the environmental class on campus.
After a year of collaboration, they began to see results but wanted to create a systemized effort towards the goal of a comprehensive school-wide recycling program. They administration teamed up with student representatives and thus the recycling committee was formed. The committee works together as a team to promote recycling!

How do we recycle at AOSR?

We collect paper and plastic bottles only, in marked rectangular plastic bins.

Paper should be uncontaminated used copy paper, notebook paper, book paper, or cardboard boxes, which should be flattened.

Plastic bottles should be empty of content before putting in the designated bins. The caps should be removed and put in a smaller container in the bin (or the plastic bag on the bin).

Remember, trash, candy wrappers, and napkins are non-recyclable and therefore should not be put in the recycling bins.

Thank you for your help in keeping AOSR green!