School Nurse

Health Office

The AOSR Health Office is open all day for students, faculty and staff members who need the assistance of the school nurse for acute illnesses while at school or for accidents and injuries that may occur during the school day. The Health Office is staffed by a full-time registered nurse. Office hours are from 8:30 to 17:00.

Student Health Card

All students have a Health Card on file with the student’s health needs and vaccination information. Allergies and any other matters that may require the school nurse are listed on the Health Card. Any student who requires medication during the school day must have a signed letter from their parent/guardian on file. Medications are left locked in the Health Office and may only be administered by the school nurse. It is extremely important that all Health Card are updated annually by parents.

Download the Medical Authorization Form

Tobacco and Substance Abuse

Since health encompasses many aspects of a student’s life, the school nurse is a member of the AOSR Health and Wellness Committee. The school nurse is part of the team that works together to address the social, emotional, and physical components of health that students may encounter.

Substance abuse among teenagers is a topic that is addressed inside and outside of classroom sessions. The Health and Wellness Committee has organized sessions with Drug Enforcement Agency team members from the US Embassy in Rome to alert and educate students and parents on the dangers of illegal/unregulated substances. A school wide poster campaign against tobacco smoking is ongoing and a smoking cessation program for those who have already started smoking and are finding it difficult to stop is available.


Nutritional choices are encouraged by limiting the products of non-healthy snacks in the school coffee bar area. The cafeteria food is always a balanced, nutritional meal made on the premises to ensure quality. To deal with the stresses of homework and exams, the Health and Wellness Committee keeps a motivational/instructional video presentation running every day at the entrance to the HS building so all students have a chance to read it. Topics change monthly and often coincide with the subjects that are being discussed in the Health Education classes.


The Health Office works directly with the Athletic Director to maintain a sports program that is safe and fun for students. All student-athletes must have a certificate issued by a physician annually on file allowing them to participate in school sports.