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AOSR is made up of 610 students from 55 countries. We pride ourselves on maintaining a ratio of one-third of the student body as American, one-third as Italian, and one-third of other nationalities.

Last day of school at AOSR in 2023



AOSR is truly an American international school, with a third American, a third Italian and a third international families. We offer a diverse community with 55 nationalities represented in our student body.  



Experienced Global Educators

87% of our teachers hold advanced degrees and 85% are native English speakers. Our faculty members have taught at international schools in over 43 countries around the world.

Graduating High School


IB & AP Diploma Pass Rate

93% of our IBDP and AP students succeed in the exams and receive an International Baccalaureate Diploma or Advanced Placement Diploma. 

American-International School in Rome


of students are enrolled in an AP or IB Course

89% of high school students are enrolled in either an Advanced Placement or IB course.  Since most AP and IB students are in Grades 11 and 12, this number is close to 100% at the upper secondary level.

Class of 2023 Cap throw at graduation


University Acceptances in Elite Universities.

In 2023, our students secured acceptances from esteemed institutions such as Yale University, Paris Business School, King's College London, University of Sydney, and many others.

Recent University Acceptances

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Yale University
Columbia University
Stanford University
Johns Hopkins University
Brown University
Vanderbilt University
Washington University in St. Louis
UC Berekely
Tufts University
Boston University
Georgia Tech
UC San Diego
Purdue University
Emory university
Georgetown University
West Point Military Academy
The London School of Economics
Imperial College London
Lancaster University
The University of Warwick
University of Bristol
Edinburgh University
King's College London
Università Bocconi
McGill University
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AshleyJake Finley

I have so many when I was there. Like going to Model United Nations in Holland. Or the plays from the drama club. I was only there 1 year but enjoyed it. 97-98

- AshleyJake Finley, 1 year at AOSR

Åsa Burnham

The trips with the volleyball and basketball teams. Those big buses and all the fun that was had on those road trips to all different bases all over Italy. I pre date the cell phone so we all played cards, read, talked… fabulous memories! I was there 94-96

- Åsa Burnham, 2 years at AOSR

Angela Natale Johnson

Teaching at AOSR was by far the BEST years of my 24 years in education as a teacher and cheer coach! My fondest memories are traveling to basketball games on the bus rides to military bases and competing at Europeans for the Basketball and Cheerleading Championships! Coaching the cheer team will always be a huge piece in my heart! Go Falcons!! The lunch ladies never disappointed with their perfectly balanced lunches and always made sure all students and staff “mangiano bene!” And Egidio who always made sure our teacher copies were perfectly collated! 😍

- Angela Natale Johnson, AOSR Faculty

Mercedes Avellaneda

My time at AOSR was fantastic in every sense. Good friends,a lovely environment and the greatest teachers. Class of 70/71. Senior year.

- Mercedes Avellaneda, Class of 1971

Phyllis Rumore Burt

The historical trips with Mrs. Giamanco. The ski trips to Termanillo were my favorite. I loved my English class with Mr. O’Grady. I graduated in 1967.

- Phyllis Rumore Burt, Class of 1967

Kate McKenna

Meeting my husband! Another AOSR teacher 😀❤️

- Kate McKenna, AOSR Faculty

Carmen LG

1993-1995 Middle School - Madame Levine's trip to Paris, Mrs. Camosso's science classes (jumping jellybeans!), when Joe DiMagio visited our school... the Greek theater...

- Carmen LG, 2 Years at AOSR

Zakaria Hobba

Trips with the soccer team to play against other schools, especially on the Military bases.

- Zakaria Hobba

LeAnn Faidley

Summer visits to the library to see Mrs Ricci. Helping with Mrs Prisco’s kindergarten while in Middle school, …. And so many more. I was there from 2nd grade till HS graduation in 1994. And some more after a day of reflection: Archeology digs on Sundays with Mr. Levin, 3rd grade trip to Greece with Mrs. Fabris, 1st period math with Mrs. Fiochi, 8th period Graphics in the Tower with Mr. Ceen.

- LeAnn Faidley, 10 years at AOSR

Jennifer De Rosa Mercatante

Countless memories at AOSR! Was there from 1st through 12th, 1989-2001! Booster bars, class trips, sport trips, hanging out in Mr. Ullman’s class to torment him (but all out of love, he is so deeply missed), cheering for games from the bleachers, being on the first cheerleading team, MUN, the fun in Madame Levine’s French class, chick embryo with Mrs. Hogan, friendships that are still strong today, 35 years later! All the best memories were created on Via Cassia!

- Jennifer De Rosa Mercatante, 11 years at AOSR

Jon Biasetti

School day trips with Mrs. Fabris to historical Roman ruins. I was at OSR from kindergarten through high school graduation in 1980.

- Jon Biasetti, 12 Years at AOSR

Ms. Rossetti, 2 Children at AOSR

We’ll never forget the sweetness and professionalism of Ms. Kristen and still resonate in my mind some very deep caring thinking about my son. And Jane Rumsby, love at first sight! Her innovative method , the passion for her job can’t be never forgotten

- Ms.Rossetti, 2 Children at AOSR

Franzi N, Class of 2012

Upon graduating from AOSR, I moved to Boston, Massachusetts to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services at Northeastern University. After graduating from Northeastern University, I started at Suffolk University Law School and I am now a licensed attorney in Massachusetts. Not only did AOSR prepare me for the American curriculum in my undergraduate studies and in law school, but it gave me invaluable cultural experiences that have helped me advance in both my professional and personal life. I grew up in the AOSR community and spent 10 years experiencing different cultures and learning about differing opinions from all walks of life. I have a unique insight to how culture plays into a person’s life story, and how it impacts their development as an adult, because of the natural way that AOSR includes culture into everyday life. I was never truly aware of how unique this was until I left AOSR. I am grateful for my AOSR community helping me get to where I am today and cheering me on every step of the way.

-  Franzi, Class of 2012

John G.

I consider donations a way to acknowledge & honor what AOSR has made possible for me by means of classroom experiences, field trips & personal encounters. The school shaped a personal platform that enabled my getting into Yale for graduate work. 2 other schoolmates of my time in Rome also got Ivy League PhDs. I’ll bet they have similar testimonies. 

-  John G, 1950's

John G

I am now an 82-year old college professor in retirement where I can indulge retrospections of the elements that have shaped me over the years. Chief among these were the years spent at (A)OSR from 1952 to 1954. I made real friendships with many other students. The spirit of the place is still very much like that of OSR in the 50s. So, you see, at OSR seeds were planted whose fruits no one could have then predicted. But I'm most grateful for how they have continued to nourish and sustain me. I hope my account captures a sense of what OSR did for me..

-  John, 1952-954

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