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Where opportunity is infinite
AOSR Grade 6 Technology class - International school in Rome
Where innovation is inspired
High School Senior AOSR Graduates from over 532 nationalities
Where diversity is celebrated
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Where community is family
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The Best of American International Education in Rome

the AOSR difference Strengths at a Glance




AOSR is made up of 575 students from around the world. We pride ourselves on maintaining a ratio of one-third of the student body as American, one-third as Italian, and one-third of other nationalities.

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AOSR is truly an American international school. We offer a diverse community with 52 nationalities represented in our student body. 

Global Faculty


Experienced Global Educators

75% of our teachers hold advanced degrees and 75% are native English speakers. Our faculty members have taught at international schools in over 50 countries around the world.

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IB Diploma Pass Rate

100% of our IBDP students succeed in the IB exams and receive an International Baccalaureate Diploma. 

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of students are enrolled in an AP or IB Course

85% of high school students are enrolled in either an Advanced Placement or IB course.  Since most AP and IB students are in Grades 11 and 12, this number is close to 100% at the upper secondary level.

Class of 2021 AOSR


College Acceptance Rate

100% of students who apply to college or university are accepted. 95% of graduates are accepted to prestigious universities around the world. 

Leaders in Academic Excellence

Voices from the AOSR CommunityPeople of AOSR

3rd grade student in the quad

Frank, Grade 4

"Math is my favorite subject in elementary school. I love our unit on equations right now. My favorite special class is PE. We get to play basketball and many other sports and engage in lots of games and fun activities."
USA Flag


Our Community


High School Student

Francesco, Grade 10

Athlete and long time AOSR student

"I've been at AOSR since second grade! AOSR is truly a tight knit community. It’s a family and I feel so at home after 8 years. I feel so lucky to be part of such an international and unique community."
Italy flag


Our Community

4th grade student studies in the quad

Grace, Grade 4

"I love elementary school because we study many different subjects and do projects in groups. I love the opportunity to work together with classmates and socialize at the same time. There are so many different fun activities in class, like book clubs and even using technology to record videos of our portfolio pieces!"
South Korea Flag



Our Community

Secondary School Band Teacher


Secondary Instrumental Director

"This is my second year as the Secondary Instrumental Music Director. The AOSR ensembles have performed at the US Embassy Christmas Tree Lighting, basketball games, Halloween parades, school assemblies, recitals, graduations, and holiday and spring concerts. The AOSR community has been very supportive of the Instrumental Music Program and has purchased many new instruments and sheet music for our program. I have immersed myself in the whole of the AOSR community; as a HS Tennis Coach, ASA Elementary Tennis Program Instructor, and Chess Club Advisor. I am so thankful to be a teacher and community member at AOSR in beautiful Rome."

Our Global Educators

A High School Student, Laila

Laila, Grade 10

Scholar, Athlete, and GIN, STUCO, and Go Green Member

"This is my first year at AOSR! I made friends super quickly and now have an awesome, inclusive friend group. I have even made friends with peers that I don’t have any classes with! The teachers are really nice and supportive and it’s been easy to adjust to this new environment. I am joining soccer soon, and I participate in STUCO, GIN, and the Go Green Club. I’ve found that it’s manageable to be in multiple clubs and organizations, balance my personal hobbies, and still succeed with all my schoolwork."
Syria Flag


Our Community

A student in high school

Zun, Grade 12

AP Student & Multi-club member

"The AOSR community is very accepting of new students. You can get along with anyone. I'm an AP student. It's definitely a challenging program but the classes are really well-rounded and the environment is supportive and the teachers really help you. I'm able to balance my academics with many clubs. The clubs are as involved as possible in the school, local and global communities. They set large goals, have high expectations, and take action to get results and make a difference."
Myanmar Flag


Our Community

Middle School Social Studies


Middle School Social Studies Teacher

"When I joined AOSR I felt as though I had been granted the opportunity of a lifetime. AOSR values the members and their contributions to the well-being and growth of the students. What has made my time here so thrilling and rewarding has been learning alongside my students and colleagues. AOSR students have an unparalleled drive to learn, grow, and take risks. This determination and energy is contagious and makes coming to work every day truly enjoyable. I feel so lucky to be a part of this community."

Our Global Educators

High school student

Rong En, Grade 10

Scholar and Future Biologist

"This is my third year at AOSR. When I came to this school I was anxious and nervous because I didn't know anyone here. But I quickly made friends in my first class and got to know them. AOSR is the complete opposite of my last school! The people here are kind, nice and sociable. My favorite subject is biology because I love learning about living and natural things and the environment and organisms."
Flag of Taiwan


Our Community

Grade 4 student works on a project outside

Sadie, Grade 4

"Elementary school at AOSR is the best. You get to make new international friends every year and meet new teachers, too! AOSR gives students the opportunity to constantly learn new things. My favorite subject right now is language arts, I love to write!"
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Our Community

Elementary School Teacher


Grade 2 Teacher

"I currently teach Grade 2 at AOSR. This is my first year in Rome as well as my first year of living and teaching internationally. I love being at AOSR because of the diverse and globally minded community of students and teachers. There are also many opportunities here for students to pursue and explore their passions and interests. My students walk into school everyday with a positive attitude and excitement to learn and grow."

Our Global Educators 

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