Our Mission

AOSR offers the best of an American-International education
in a supportive learning environment.
We inspire a diverse student body to courageously meet the demands
of a changing world through an engaging and creative curriculum.

Cristina, former parent of 3

“My kids attended elementary, middle and high school at AOSR. AOSR offers a rigorous academic curriculum, after school activities, and team sports just to name a few. They are always looking to improve and stay current with the world. Your child will learn to be a leader, innovator and global citizen at AOSR. They also have a unique sense of community building which allows for not just students but all families to gather and partake in fellowship. This is the best school my children have ever attended.”

Gali, Current Student

“As an international student at AOSR, I can confidently say that the school has helped me develop and establish who I am today and who I want to become tomorrow. I’m thankful for the great support from teachers, students, and staff, who welcomed me to the school 4 years ago and still support me everyday inside and outside school. The diverse and warm community at AOSR is what makes it so special, school events organized by teachers, clubs, and parents are welcomed and supported by all. The class atmosphere is welcoming and personal, and teachers have good relationships with their students even after school hours due to the small class sizes.”

David, Current Parent

“The entire school atmosphere at AOSR is very enriching. The interaction between school administrators, teachers, parents and children is such a wonderful experience. Right away, from the start of our school experience, we realized this school was a relaxing and a great educational facility. It allows our children to learn in an environment and has also brought many extracurricular activities into their lives. Our children are involved in cheerleading, soccer, football, basketball and many more activities!”

Carolina, current parent

“AOSR is our family’s second home since 2008 when my son entered in Grade 1. Since the very first moment when we entered for the first time into the school premises for we entered for the Admission procedure, we had a positive and comfortable feeling that has never abandoned us over those 12 years. Despite changes, the school has never lost its core strengths: support and attention to each single student and to all members of the school Community, focus on academic and personal growth, communication with parents, involvement and participation of families in school life, always with a positive attitude and with a smile!”

AOSR At A Glance

553 students from 51 countries

18 AP Courses are Offered

201 in High School

82 teachers from 11 countries

77% Native English Speakers

63% from the USA / 17% from Italy / 20% from other countries

82% Hold Advanced Degrees