Middle School

Middle School—Fostering Greater Responsibility and Independence

The Middle School of the American Overseas School of Rome is committed to challenging each student academically, fostering a love of learning, and enhancing a feeling of self-worth.

We believe learning to be a process in which each student discovers and constructs meaning from information and experience. The individual needs, background, and developmental level of each student serves as the starting point for all Middle School learning activities. The classroom teacher functions in a guiding, supportive role as an instructor of content and skills seeking to challenge each student intellectually and personally by differentiating instruction when necessary.

The Middle School years are full of tremendous change and growth in a student's academic, social, emotional, and physical being. We offer a safe, exciting, and challenging environment that respects and nurtures our students during this transitional time. Our aim is to prepare well-rounded students ready for the rigors of high school at AOSR or anywhere in the world.

The Middle School provides a transition for the students; it builds on the solid foundation established in the Elementary School while also enabling students to take command of their own learning. Our academic selections include core courses that are required of all students and include the Exploratory Cycle which is a quarter rotation of drama, computers, art, and music throughout the school year. In addition, students are encouraged to take Italian language classes with the option to choose between Spanish and French, as well. In the eighth grade, the math selections include Pre-Algebra and Algebra.

Students are supported in their academic and social growth through small classes, participation in extracurricular activities, and through intramural athletic programs. The annual week long cultural trips in Middle School are a highlight, integrating experiential learning with the life experience of travel.

Middle School Goals

Students in the Middle School of the American Overseas School of Rome will:

  • Acquire an academic foundation which promotes continuing scholastic success and personal growth
  • Develop confidence in their learning ability
  • Develop problem solving skills
  • Communicate effectively in spoken and written English
  • Engage in rich study of world languages and cultures
  • Recognize the value of cultural diversity
  • Develop an appreciation for the fine, applied, and performing arts
  • Understand and practice sound personal physical health
  • Recognize the relevance of current schooling to future learning and living
  • Explore a variety of education, social and personal experiences and/or interests
  • Contribute to the development of an honest and trusting school environment
  • Acquire an awareness of the role of technology in their futures and develop the skills to use and expand this awareness
  • Develop an environmental and global awareness