Bus Service

Comfortable, Safe, ReLIABLE

Approximately 20 buses transport students safely to and from school on a daily basis.

Bus service covers the entire city of Rome inside the G.R.A. (Grande Raccordo Anulare) and some outlying suburbs.

Bus service is available before and after school.  Additional bus service is available at 17:15 for students who are regularly signed up for after-school or supervised extra-curricular activities upon confirmation with the Bus Coordinator. 

The bus routes cover most of the areas where the families reside.  Variations are made annually in an attempt to accommodate new families interested in using our bus service.  

AOSR students gets off the school bus


AOSR Bus Service open to all


Operating Bus Zones



Bus Information

For questions, email our Bus Coordinator, Valerio Aureli at vaureli@aosr.org
bus service at AOSR