At the American Overseas School of Rome, we are very proud of our long history of providing a challenging, internationally minded education.

We began in 1947 as the Overseas School of Rome (OSR), a product of five British parents and five American parents who, after finding out that the allied troops were being moved to Trieste, wished to establish an international, non denominational school that would combine the best of the UK and American systems. With help from the presiding American and British ambassadors to Italy, this group of passionate parents found a location on Via Nomentana (Villa Torlonia) and officially opened the doors to the school for 60 students on October 16, 1947.

In 1951, the school met the demands of a rising enrollment by moving to its current Via Cassia location, and from there, continued to grow. The United States government expressed its recognition of the school's quality educational program, and the importance of the mutual respect and collaboration generated by the exchange of ideas and experiences among members of the multinational student body and faculty, and therefore, gave a grant to the school. The new elementary school was constructed, additional high school classrooms completed, and the gymnasium built.

In 1965, the elementary school extension was completed, as well as the leveling of the field, and the school took on its present day appearance. The Hillside Theater was added in the early 1970s and several years later, the current name, the American Overseas School of Rome, was adopted.

AOSR has continued to thrive and change with the times, keeping our educational facilities up to date and, with a guiding hand, allowing our students access to the latest technologies. Though the campus has transformed over the years, the original spirit of the school remains intact.

We reflect fondly on our history of international mindedness, high academic standards, and our commitment to creating a close-knit community for well-rounded, respectful, intellectually curious students.