AOSR offers the best of an American-International education. We inspire our diverse student body to courageously meet the demands of a changing world.

Class of 2022 graduates from AOSR


AOSR Community Beliefs

To achieve our Mission, we hold the following shared set of values:


To achieve our Mission, we nurture our students to be:





We demonstrate compassion through appreciative, supportive and well-intended interactions. Our communication and actions reflect our collective kind, caring and empathetic spirit.

A student in choir performs during a concert





We engage in artistic endeavours to express ourselves and enhance our lives. Our creativity leads to innovation and divergent approaches to problem solving that improve our world.

Students in elementary school work together




Critical Thinker

We analyze, apply, and create with an unprecedented volume of information. We develop new understandings, solve problems, and make well-informed decisions that better ourselves and our community.

Student in middle school works on a project on the laptop





We actively pose and seek answers to challenging questions about our world.  We find joy in the active inquiry of concepts, phenomena, and differing perspectives brings forth valuable new learning.

Student participates in the go green club after school





Our actions are guided by honesty and a clear sense of right and wrong.  We model our Community Beliefs, and we know that our actions impact others. Acting ethically means doing what's right, even when it is difficult or challenging to do so.

An Elementary school student participates in a yoga class





By understanding and embracing differences, we appreciate our common humanity and are equipped to interact with care. We confidently and respectfully express our ideas and seek to understand those of others.

A basketball player makes a shot





We demonstrate resilience when we see setbacks as an opportunity to grow. As AOSR community members, we help each other identify and persevere to reach our goals. We strive to balance physical, emotional and academic needs to lead a fulfilling life.