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College Counseling

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AOSR, your ultimate ally on the journey to higher education. We provide unwavering support, personalized roadmaps, and comprehensive guidance. Let us help you achieve your dreams and embrace boundless opportunities. Join us on this transformative journey to success!

Successful outcomes are achieved through:

  • Academics: A strong program with successful grades
  • Organization & Open-Mindedness: Knowing what is required and meeting deadlines, and keeping a global perspective of appropriate university choices
  • Self-Awareness: Discovering your passions and then articulating your talents
  • Research: Exploring all academic programs and scholarship opportunities with an eagerness and enthusiasm to meet deadlines

Meet Ms. Goulet - AOSR College Counselor

Top Recent University Acceptances

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Yale University
Columbia University
Stanford University
Johns Hopkins University
Brown University
Vanderbilt University
Washington University in St. Louis
UC Berekely
Tufts University
Boston University
Georgia Tech
UC San Diego
Purdue University
Emory university
Georgetown University
West Point Military Academy
The London School of Economics
Imperial College London
Lancaster University
The University of Warwick
University of Bristol
Edinburgh University
King's College London
Università Bocconi
McGill University

AOSR's College Counselor

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