College Counseling

AOSR offers a strong support system for students and families as they progress through the college and university application process. We help students develop decision-making skills, set realistic goals, assess priorities, and explore the rich variety of options that lie ahead.

Successful outcomes are achieved through:

  • Academics (a strong program with successful grades)
  • Organization & Open-Mindedness (knowing what is required and meeting deadlines, and keeping a global perspective of appropriate university choices)
  • Self-Awareness (discovering your passions and then articulating your talents)
  • Research (exploring all academic programs and scholarship opportunities with an eagerness and enthusiasm to meet deadlines)

College Counselor

Our experienced and approachable College Counselor, Ms. Suzanne Jeffrey, meets with students formally, both as a group and individually, throughout the relevant time periods in order to personalize her guidance and to assist meaningfully in the research, selection, and application process.

Ms. Suzanne Jeffrey




"Having been a university counselor for the past 30 years, I am now happily back with AOSR. I have been counseling around the world (Caribbean, Italy, Thailand, Austria, New York, and China) and worked at AOSR from 1998 - 2001. Please stop by to see me, ask me your counseling questions, and/or help me with my Italian. Regardless of the grade your child is in, you are all welcome to visit my office. I look forward to meeting you. You can find more information about college workshops, visitations, and my weekly blog entries here."

College Counseling Events