College Counseling

AOSR offers a strong support system for students and families as they progress through the college and university application process. We help students develop decision-making skills, set realistic goals, assess priorities, and explore the rich variety of options that lie ahead.

The AOSR community agrees that successful outcomes are achieved through:

  • Alacrity (eagerness and enthusiasm to meet deadlines)
  • Organization & Open-Mindedness (knowing what is required and meeting deadlines, and keeping a global perspective of appropriate university choices)
  • Self-Awareness (discovering your passions and then articulating your talents)
  • Research (exploring all academic programs and scholarship opportunities)

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College Counselor

Our experienced and approachable College Counselor, Ms. Suzanne Jeffrey, meets with students formally, both as a group and individually, throughout the relevant time periods in order to personalize her guidance and to assist meaningfully in the research, selection, and application process.

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AOSR College & University Application Preparation (Gr 9-12)

  • The college counseling office works with 9th through 12th grade students on a variety of areas including high school orientation, career assessments, and university preparation.
  • During junior year, the counselor meets several times with each student and their parents, to explore the range of choices which the family is interested in pursuing.
  • By the beginning of senior year, students should have a list of top university choices narrowed down to which they will apply.
  • The college counselor is available to talk with both students and parents at any point during the preparation process about their concerns

Junior Year College Preparation Checklist

  1. The student should make an appointment with the college counselor for the beginning of the second semester (January/February).
  2. The student should begin to discuss relevant topics with their family (geographic preference, major area of study, financial considerations, external test results, etc).
  3. After this private discussion, the parent and student should set a second appointment with the college counselor to set realistic goals for the college selection process.
  4. Then, the student should continue their research of universities and create an extensive list of around 50 universities to be narrowed down by the beginning of senior year to a list of 15 universities.

Review the Junior Year College Preparation Calendar

Senior Year College Preparation Checklist

  1. At the beginning of the year, seniors should make an individual appointment with the College Counselor to confirm options discussed in their junior conferences. After researching colleges, seniors should have a list of around 15 colleges that best meet their criteria.
  2. Students applying to the U.S., U.K., or American Colleges in Europe should complete applications and personal essays early in the fall semester.
  3. Students need to get recommendation forms to distribute to three of their teachers by October 15th.
  4. Research (exploring all academic programs and scholarship opportunities)

Note: It is the responsibility of the student to make an appointment with the counselor and complete these college-related assignments.

Review the Senior Year College Preparation Calendar

Preparing the Application

Depending on the country to which the student is applying, the application process will vary. If the student is applying to a university in the UK, the website for the application is The student, the parents or guardians, and the counselor, will determine the 5 universities where the student will apply.

If the student is applying to a university in the USA, most colleges Common Application. This is a standard application form that is accepted by over 680 selective colleges and universities in the US. Experience with the Common Application has demonstrated its advantages to students, counselors, and teachers. The concept is simple: students complete one Common Application Form online, and can submit the form to any of the participating colleges. The Common Application is available on the internet at

AOSR Application Timeline

For your individual application timelines, please contact the counseling office.

Note: Students must SEND their SAT/ACT/TOEFL scores. Colleges must receive the official from the College Board, ACT, and ETS.

Note: Students will need to apply and pay for their applications online; however the official transcript, counselor recommendation, and teacher recommendations will be sent through the counseling office.