College Counseling

AOSR offers a strong support system for students and families as they progress through the college and university application process. We help students develop decision-making skills, set realistic goals, assess priorities, and explore the rich variety of options that lie ahead.

Successful outcomes are achieved through:

  • Academics (a strong program with successful grades)
  • Organization & Open-Mindedness (knowing what is required and meeting deadlines, and keeping a global perspective of appropriate university choices)
  • Self-Awareness (discovering your passions and then articulating your talents)
  • Research (exploring all academic programs and scholarship opportunities with an eagerness and enthusiasm to meet deadlines)



Helpful Info

About our College Counselor

In line with AOSR's Mission and Beliefs, our College Counselor is here to collaborate with our students and community to ensure all students are responsibly guided through their post secondary options and university application process. Mr. Petraglia's goal is to help our students identify their strengths and interests and guide them to their unique best fit outcome grounded in their personal ambitions and goals. 

Mr. Petraglia is a seasoned college counselor with over a decade of experience and has helped hundreds of students successfully navigate the college process. As a licensed High School Counselor, Mr. Petraglia has worked both domestically in New Jersey and abroad at international schools in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education and a Master's Degree in Counseling in Educational Settings, Mr. Petraglia is familiar with most forms of curriculum and has operated within the American, British, and IB curricula. 

Mr. Petraglia is deeply familiar with the changing landscape of competitive college admissions and how to highlight the characteristics of each of his students. Accordingly, he is not only an expert in college admissions but an expert in students, and knows how to find, extract, and display each and every one of his students’ full potential.  
Born and raised in New Jersey, Mr. Petraglia is a passionate traveller having visited over 30 countries. He is also an avid cyclist and is crazy about all things coffee. 

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