Elementary School


Building Foundational Skills while Nourishing Curiosity

AOSR provides a challenging and supportive environment that enables students to be successful in their educational pursuits now and in the future. Our teachers are student-centered and adept at developing each student to reach their potential.

Elementary teachers at AOSR use the following critical practices to support student learning:
Differentiation: Teachers challenge students based on their varying ability levels. Students may receive additional support from specialists, get assigned tasks based on their level of understanding, and be given time in the school day to enrich learning based on their interests.

Creation of a Safe Environment: Teachers create a joyful, inclusive, and supportive classroom environment by using routines, and encouraging behavior that nurtures the development of cooperation, mutual respect, resilience, and self-discipline.

Teamwork: The teachers at AOSR work together with specialists, administrators, and parents in order to make the best decisions possible for each student. Lines of communication are strong and ongoing and forged with a great sense of mutual respect.

Respect for Tradition: Elementary teachers maintain the legacy of events that make the school special. These include the United Nations Day concert, the annual Halloween parade, Thanksgiving celebrations, and student and parent participation at the annual Mayfair event.