International Elementary School in Rome

International Elementary School in Rome

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We have the exciting task of encouraging and pushing our Elementary School students to preserve their curiosity and creativity while expanding their self-confidence and self-advocacy, where the foundation of learning takes hold.

The main topics of reading, writing, mathematics, Italian language, science, and social studies are taught daily. Specialized lessons in art, music, physical education, technology, and library usage are interspersed throughout the curriculum. Field trips and volunteer work provide students with experiential learning outside the classroom, motivating them and enhancing their academic experience.

Active learners from the very beginning, AOSR students learn to evaluate and question across topic areas in primary school and how to communicate through writing, presentations, and conversations. They are aware of their current learning goals, where they are in their learning journey, and what it will take to go on to the next stage. In an environment of acceptance, our students take calculated chances and learn from mistakes, equipping them to reach and surpass demanding academic requirements.

We encourage the development of skills that support students' academic and personal success while also emphasizing the value of friendships and teamwork. Each grade level's culture and curriculum include social-emotional activities, and AOSR's Support Staff are paired with students to offer language or extra learning support, while our counselor promotes the development of emotional competencies.

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AOSR Elementary School provides an international, challenging, balanced and supportive environment that enables students to be successful in their educational pursuits now and in the future. Our teachers are student-centered and adept at developing each student to reach their potential. AOSR is a truly international Elementary School in rome.

Meet Dr. Joanne Mallary Elementary School Principal

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Joanne is an experienced educator who has served school communities as a teacher, assistant principal, assessment coordinator, university supervisor, curriculum coordinator, principal, and head of school in the United States, Germany, South Korea, Italy, Ukraine, and Hong Kong. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems, Masters of Education in Educational Leadership, and an Education Specialist Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Joanne is certified in Elementary Education and Educational Leadership from the state of Florida. As a mother herself, she welcomes and appreciates parental involvement to support and celebrate learning.

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Elementary School Active Learning

Program of Studies

The elementary curriculum is aligned with American educational standards and practices. Our goal is to provide a developmentally appropriate and individualized learning environment for each student to grow cognitively, physically, emotionally, and socially. 

The Program of Studies includes Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Art, Music, Physical Education, Technology, Italian, and English as an Additional Language. 

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