High School

Opportunity to Excel with Many Paths to Higher Education

AOSR Seniors Hat Throw at the 2022 Graduation


High school is a time for students to explore new areas and experiences. Through our extensive programs and courses, students see the development of talents, interests, and skills. We prepare them for their future and next level of learning.

Each student’s course of studies will be reviewed and approved by both parents and the guidance counselor to ensure that the courses selected are appropriate and meet both personal and program criteria. Our faculty and staff are willing to help students by recommending courses, but careful initial selection of courses by students and parents is very important. While the minimum core graduation requirements must be met over the four years in high school, students have many opportunities to select elective courses in the areas of computers, English, fine arts, world languages, mathematics, performing arts, physical education, science, and social studies.

9th and 10th grade students must enroll in eight classes per semester. 11th and 12th grade students must enroll in seven classes per semester unless they are IB or AP students. IB and AP students may take six classes if they are a full diploma IB student or taking at least 3 AP classes.


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