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Time spent at AOSR is unforgettable. Our rich alumni network spans across more than 47 countries. Former students remain part of the global AOSR community. Alumni impact the world as Olympic athletes, Grammy winning composers, professors, published authors, doctors, lawyers, and scientists. 


Our motto: "Once a Falcon, always a Falcon" is something all our Alumni truly believe in, because AOSR stays in your heart forever. 



Our Alumni Network Spans Over 47 Countries

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AOSR helped shape my future by guiding me to make important life decisions. It afforded me the opportunity to build diverse friendships and network with people all over the world. High school students are encouraged to define their own learning pathway by choosing from a variety of courses in either the AP or IB curriculum. Six years after graduating from AOSR, I find myself completely confident in who I am. I’m thankful for all that AOSR taught me, both inside and outside of the classroom.

-  Niccolò, Class of 2015

Upon graduating from AOSR, I moved to Boston, Massachusetts to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services at Northeastern University. After graduating from Northeastern University, I started at Suffolk University Law School and I am now a licensed attorney in Massachusetts. Not only did AOSR prepare me for the American curriculum in my undergraduate studies and in law school, but it gave me invaluable cultural experiences that have helped me advance in both my professional and personal life. I grew up in the AOSR community and spent 10 years experiencing different cultures and learning about differing opinions from all walks of life. I have a unique insight to how culture plays into a person’s life story, and how it impacts their development as an adult, because of the natural way that AOSR includes culture into everyday life. I was never truly aware of how unique this was until I left AOSR. I am grateful for my AOSR community helping me get to where I am today and cheering me on every step of the way.

-  Franzi, Class of 2012

My time spent at AOSR remains one of the greatest experiences in my life. The cultural immersion of living outside of Rome and going to school with a multicultural staff and student body was an exceptional learning experience at a pivotal time in my life. The experiences, opportunities, education, and friendships I forged in during that time endure to this day. Some of my closest friends are four former AOSR students from my time in Rome. AOSR profoundly set the conditions for my future. The lessons I learned, from the classroom to the social interaction with the students, to the extensive travel enriched my life, my perspectives, and opinions. I will always be grateful to my parents for affording me the opportunity to live aboard and to the faulty and students of AOSR for providing a diverse and challenging experience. 

-  Chris, 1980's

I am now an 82-year old college professor in retirement where I can indulge retrospections of the elements that have shaped me over the years. Chief among these were the years spent at (A)OSR from 1952 to 1954. I made real friendships with many other students. The spirit of the place is still very much like that of OSR in the 50s. So, you see, at OSR seeds were planted whose fruits no one could have then predicted. But I'm most grateful for how they have continued to nourish and sustain me. I hope my account captures a sense of what OSR did for me.

-  John, 1952-1954

Once a Falcon, Always a Falcon



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