Meet Our Global Educators

The AOSR community describes our faculty as inspirational, innovative, and incredibly caring. With extensive knowledge and experience within their fields, AOSR teachers personalize learning to suit every child to ensure the success for all students.
A Middle School Teacher Works with MS Students


85 Experienced Faculty Members

Teacher looks at a globe with a middle school student

75% Hold Advanced Degrees

75% are Native English Speakers

Current faculty members have taught in 50+ countries

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Middle School English Teacher, Jennifer


I feel fortunate as an international educator to have found my way to AOSR. I love strolling through the quad and chatting with students about their classes, book choices, and quirky interests. It is exciting when my classroom is energetically buzzing with complex conversations about a class novel, perfecting the right book recommendation, or finding ways to write about issues that matter. I have formed great connections with my colleagues; it's nice to check-in over a cappuccino about a unique teaching resource, student success story, or the recommended restaurant choice in Rome to find a delightful cacio e pepe. As I meander through campus at the end of the day, I feel so grateful that AOSR is a part of my story.
-Jennifer, Middle School Language Arts Teacher
Craig, SS Instrumental Instructor


This is my second year as the Secondary Instrumental Music Director. The AOSR ensembles have performed at the US Embassy Christmas Tree Lighting, basketball games, Halloween parades, school assemblies, recitals, graduations, and holiday and spring concerts. The AOSR community has been very supportive of the Instrumental Music Program and has purchased many new instruments and sheet music for our program. I have immersed myself in the whole of the AOSR community; as a HS Tennis Coach, ASA Elementary Tennis Program Instructor, and Chess Club Advisor. I am so thankful to be a teacher and community member at AOSR in beautiful Rome.
-Craig, Secondary Instrumental Music Director
Sophie, Grade 2 Teacher


I currently teach Grade 2 at AOSR. This is my first year in Rome as well as my first year of living and teaching internationally. I love being at AOSR because of the diverse and globally minded community of students and teachers. There are also many opportunities here for students to pursue and explore their passions and interests. My students walk into school everyday with a positive attitude and excitement to learn and grow.
-Sophie, Grade 2 Teacher
Jonathan, Middle School Social Studies Teacher


When I joined the AOSR community I felt as though I had been granted the opportunity of a lifetime. The school values the members and their contributions to the well-being and growth of the students. What has made my time here so thrilling and rewarding has been learning alongside my students and colleagues. AOSR students have an unparalleled drive to learn, grow, and take risks. This determination and energy is contagious and makes coming to work every day truly enjoyable. I feel so lucky to be a part of this community.
-Jonathan, Middle School Social Studies Teacher
Valerie, Middle School English Teacher


Perhaps my favorite thing about being a middle school teacher at AOSR is the flexibility to design instruction to meet the needs of my students. From new activities to updated book titles, AOSR welcomes innovation in and out of the classroom. Our beautiful campus also affords us the space to collaborate across grade levels and subject areas. Our students are energetic, kind, and always willing to share their tips about living and traveling in Italy and abroad! Our middle school community feels like a family, so it's quite fitting that we are housed in the historic villa on campus!
-Valerie, Middle School English Teacher
Sarah, High School Biology Teacher


  I love working in the High School Science Department. I currently teach biology to Grade 9 through 12 students. I am proud to call my students, my kids, as many teachers do. Our kids are what drive us to be better teachers and most of all, better beings. I am excited to see my incredibly bright students develop their passions and turn them into careers. I am thankful for the AOSR team; students, parents, and colleagues. The amount of support, emails, laughs, and learning that has happened this year allows me to see how special of a place AOSR truly is.
-Sarah, High School Biology Teacher
Emily, Choir Teacher


There is never a day where I lack either support or a warm welcome from students and staff. The unique perspectives that are brought to this campus from around the world make teaching and learning a two-way street, which is one of my favorite things about being at AOSR. I am so blessed to be a part of this vibrant community! I love working with the students in every grade and at every musical level. They are super passionate about music and about learning!
-Emily, Elementary, Middle, and High School Choir Teacher

Meet our Incoming Faculty

We are thrilled to welcome 16 incoming faculty members with international teaching experience. Teachers in our incoming cohort have taught in Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Egypt, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Jordan, Panama, Paraguay, Poland, Singapore, South Korea, Syria, Thailand, Ukraine, the UK, the USA, and Uzbekistan.