Giving to AOSR means investing in the present and future of our students.


Supporting AOSR means making a lasting impact on our international community. We are infinitely grateful to donors who create exciting opportunities and formative experiences for students now and for years to come.

Your donations have helped us renovate our Elementary School Library, modernize our fantastic Gymnasium, school trips for our students around Italy and Europe, and so much more.

Your support will help us continue to reach our goals and to maintain the exceptionally high standards we have for our faculty, staff, and facilities. Your gift allows us to keep class sizes small and provide more individualized attention to students, continue to enhance our sports, art, and technology programs, and offer professional development opportunities to attract and retain outstanding faculty from around the world.

At AOSR, we know that every contribution, large or small, makes a tangible difference. A donation to our American international school is one that will have an immediate positive impact on the student experience and will also reinforce the spirit of generosity and involvement in learning that our community members exemplify every day.

I am now an 82-year old college professor in retirement where I can indulge retrospections of the elements that have shaped me over the years. Chief among these was my time at (A)OSR from 1952 to 1954, where I made real friendships with many other students. I could go on about what OSR did for me, in particular, how I have been impacted by my teachers still to this day. I make donations to AOSR, because I hope that AOSR can continue to provide catalytic experiences for all of its students, as it did for me. 

-  Alumnus, John, Class of 1954

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A student builds a molecular structure in a science lab