After School Activities

An AOSR education means having access to a world of activities outside of the classroom, thus promoting a more versatile student lifestyle and giving each individual the chance to shine in new ways.

After school activities and athletics nurture interpersonal relationships and a feeling of community, help students become more culturally aware, and foster concepts such as collaboration, cooperation, and team work

The After School Program is divided into two sessions, September to January and January to May, Monday to Friday, 3:30-5:00 pm. Bus service is provided.

All activities are non-discriminatory, supplement the regular classroom instruction, and contribute to the academic, physical, and social development of students.

 The Athletics and Activities Director recruits professional and knowledgable instructors for all activities.

Students participating at the after school activities at the american overseas school of rome


high school students playing guitar at the American overseas school of rome


Elementary School

An ES students plays chess after school

Middle School

Middle school students play soccer during ASA


high School



AOSR Summer Programs