Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for appointing the Head of School, strategic planning, and approving the annual budget.

The objective of the AOSR Board of Trustees is to advance the school's mission by selecting, evaluating and supporting the Head of School, planning strategically for the school's long term well-being and sustainability as an institution and securing the resources necessary to operate and perpetuate the school. Abstaining from any engagement in day-to-day school operations, the AOSR Board, like other private, independent, and international school governing boards, delegates management to its only employee, the Head of School, who is the Executive Officer for the Board and responsible for implementing Board policies and, in turn, for the school's curriculum, personnel and programs.

The Board adheres to standards of good practice in governance established by the school's accreditors and other international organizations such as ECIS, AAIE, and NAIS in how it goes about its work. This includes exercising fiduciary oversight of institutional performance. All trustees are skilled and recognized specialists in fields identified as necessary for the sustainability of the school. They serve as volunteers without compensation in any form.

The AOSR Board of Trustees currently consists of 15 voting members plus the Head of School who is a non-voting member. Twelve trustees are elected to a three-year term and may serve at any given time for a maximum of two consecutive terms. Up to six trustees may be appointed to the Board annually. The Board of Trustees meets approximately six times per year. Faculty representatives are invited to attend open sessions.

AOSR Board of Trustees 2020-2021

  • Ms. Cynthia Chaplin, Chair 
  • Ms. Georgia Chrysikopoulou, Vice-Chair
  • Ms. Francesca Nanni, Treasurer
  • Mr. Theodore Diehl, Secretary 
  • Ms. Francesca Nanni, Treasurer
  • Ms. Arianna Anastasia
  • Mr. Brian Lambert
  • Mr. Massimo Di Gregorio
  • Mr. Frederick Hawkins
  • Mr. Dror Altman
  • Ms. Anette Bjorklund Brifalk
  • Mr. Febrizio Iliceto
  • Dr. Michael Andrews
  • Ms. Virginia Keener
  • Mr. Ohad Korin
  • Ms. Elif Sallorenzo
  • Dr. Regan Shercliffe

Honorary Board Trustees

  • Dr. Franco Pavoncello, President, John Cabot University Rome

AOSR Board of Trustees Committees

  • Governance
  • Finance
  • Development

To contact the AOSR Board of Trustees, please write to