A Future-Ready Learning Campus

Performing Arts Center

Other Big Changes!


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State of the Art Facilities

  • Performing Arts Center 
  • Fitness & Health Center 
  • Middle School Commons
  • Multimedia Art Center
  • Renovations of the common areas
  • Our Historic Villa
  • Complete renovations of our Elementary and Secondary School Libraries (completed in 2022)
  • Interactive, touch screens, for all our classrooms (completed in 2022)
  • Cafeteria renovations (completed in 2022)
  • Completion of our Black Box Theatre (completed in 2022)
All are part of our campus master plan to ensure the highest quality of learning environments.

The "Future-Ready Learning Campus" stands as a pioneering endeavor aimed at revitalizing AOSR's cherished historic campus. This strategic undertaking focuses on enhancements tailored to align with 21st-century learning principles and our Strategic Plan, as well as to improve the security and safety of our community. 

Scheduled for completion by December 2023, our state-of-the-art edifices mark a significant milestone. The upcoming summer of 2024 will witness the transformation of our athletic fields and courts, a testament to our commitment to holistic development. At present, we are embarking on the culminating stages of designing the renovations that will breathe new life into our Historic Villa.

The AOSR Campus Master Plan is a manifestation of our unwavering belief in a venture of extraordinary greatness.

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